Top Chef recap: Sweet and Sour Bitchin'

An elimination challenge at a berry farm leads to fruity dishes -- and salty sniping between the cheftestants
Ep. 07 | Aired Dec 19, 2012

A WINNING BLEND Kristen was victorious not once but twice tonight -- can her streak continue next week?

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Kristen's big win was soured a little by the losing chefs, who were actually called to see the judges first for a change. Bart and Micah were there mostly because their partners had beaten them, and didn't seem in much danger of going home. Josie, John, and Danyele, on the other hand, had each committed sins large enough to prompt elimination. Josie spent too much time talking and not enough time making her weird raspberry fish in a Pepto-Bismol reduction taste good. John was thwarted by that overwhelming chorizo and his own overwhelming defensiveness. (If you start a sentence by saying "I'm not making excuses, but..." chances are -- guess what! -- you're making excuses.)

And then there was poor Danyele, who was felled by the poor execution of a good idea. The nail in Danyele's coffin was Padma's withering critique of her chicken terrine: "It could have been like baloney if it was saltier." Yipes -- you know it's bad when baloney is what comes out on top.

So Danyele ended up as this episode's sacrificial lamb -- which surprised me, since John and Josie's bad food and stank attitudes made them seem much more ripe for elimination. At least she's got the chance to win her spot back on Last Chance Kitchen. Farwele, Danyele! I will not miss having to spell your name.

Next week: The Josie/Stefan fight that randomly began at the end of tonight's episode boils over when Josie calls the Finn gay, or something. Also, there's a roller derby, which makes me want to spend the next seven days obsessively brainstorming possible derby names for the cheftestants and judges. (Eric Rip-Apart? Anthony Disdain? Wolfgang Puck?) In the meantime: How did you like tonight's episode -- and do you think the right chef got sent home?

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