Top Chef recap: The Lea Michele Show

Lea Michele hosts a Halloween party full of "spooky" eats
Ep. 05 | Aired Oct 30, 2013

IT'S HER PARTY And she can eat cheese if she wants to.

David Moir/Bravo

On the other end of the holiday spirit spectrum, Nicholas and Patty settled for a "fall color" theme. Lame, yes, but perhaps a good strategy. Brian and Bene had the brilliant idea to serve "spooky spa" food to Lea, who said specifically that she didn't want spa food. Justin also dared to defy Diva Lea by using beets — just a little — to color his pasta blood red. Lea no likey.

When it came time for the Judges Table, Nicholas and Patty landed in the top for their orange-hued butternut squash cannoli and lemon arancini. But the win went to Carlos and Travis for their Día de Los Muertos-themed veggie ceviche and goat cheese fondue. You know, I was going to go easy on Travis after last week, but this week, he appropriated yet another culture's cuisine. He claimed that because he grew up in Colorado, he knew a ton about Latin flavors. Umm, how about giving Carlos credit where credit's due?

Landing in the bottom were Nina and Michael and Brian and Bene. Michael clearly pulled his team down to the bottom, but really, Nina could have had a better attitude about it.

When the judges discussed who should be sent home, Hugh dared to say Nina, even though she had a great individual dish, because she didn't help her teammate enough. Hugh, STOP. That kind of arbitrary, ridiculous non-logic is what causes boneheaded Top Chef judging decisions to happen (see Nyesha, Kristen). Imagine what kind of viewer revolt would ensue if Nina got eliminated for her perfectly good dish.

Luckily, the judges came to their senses (sorta) and let go of Michael. Even though I wasn't a fan of Michael this season, I was sad to see him go. He seemed to have more passion and knowledge about food than Louis, Bene, or Patty. Seriously, Bene could easily have gotten eliminated for his uninspired kale and ricotta, coupled with his so-so past performances. I'm glad that Top Chef doesn't keep around contestants just because they're charismatic or dramatic, but it's almost as if they're systematically trying to get rid of the personality on the show. Oh well, there are still too many contestants anyway.

What are you dressing up for as Halloween? I'm going as the Asian tribute who gets killed first in The Hunger Games!

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