The X Factor recap: You Get to Live

Britney Spears and L.A. Reid narrow their categories from six to four in a clipped episode; the rest are revealed on Oct. 23
Ep. 11 | Aired Oct 23, 2012

BRITNEY'S READY FOR YOU Ms. Spears, weaver of dreams, delights in her oceanside responsibility.


L.A. Reid was able to subdue his burning hatred for The Olds long enough to have serene one-on-ones with his rapidly decaying charges. David Correy took this opportunity to remind us many more times that he is on this reality show to connect with his birth mother, with all-new lines like "Every note I hit I feel like it's a message and I'm carrying it to my birth mother" and "To my birth mother, wherever you are, I hope we can reunite and I'm gonna keep singing 'til whenever we do." Each reference strikes me as more and more sad. I would not be surprised if production has coordinated an entire plot line around the birth mother and she's already in the makeup trailer getting prepped for December's finale. (Otherwise, how and why would she be watching The X Factor?)

Jason Brock is adorable and deserving (and just got fired from his tech support job that day, so woohoo!), Tate Stevens hates his asphalt job/loves his family more than we'd even imagined, and Vino Alan communicates exclusively in growls -- the higher-pressure the situation, the lower he goes. "Just send me through man I'm ready to rise," he aggressively spat out to L.A. while glaring at the ground. He made it clear to the other contestants in his group, as if financial struggles were an element of the competition, that he'd be out on the streets if The X Factor would decide to revoke his housing privileges.

Two high points within the rejections: I liked when the talented, even-keeled Daryl said he respected L.A. Reid... "….uhhhh, but today he made a mistake." YES. Well said, good-humored, and polite. Daryl is a reality TV personality I am sad to see go. On the opposite end of that spectrum, there was Tara Simon, legend in her own mind/joke in everyone else's, who expressed immediate "disbelief" after L.A.'s negative verdict instead of even feigning awareness of the concept of humility. "He just got rid of someone who could be Kelly Clarkson, or Carrie Underwood, or Christina Aguilera," she bitched.

Superstardom, Tara. "This is where it stops."

Two notes about Demi's shortened segment: 1) Why can't they ever offer the contestants a refreshing ice cold Pepsi? It's The X Factor's cruelest and most delicious stunt to date. And 2) How cute was the slow-mo swaying hug between Demi and Willie Jones, followed by a twirling hug/happy dance combo platter between Willie and Jennel? I'm liking Willie as a person more and more. That smile!

Wow, so that was a brutal set of furious cuts between CeCe and Jillian, with Jillian heading home in the end, our formerly leopardian mail clerk crying real tears that did not look like freakish facial spotting, and the dulcet tones of Chris Martin promising Jillian he would try to fix her.

Also, #Demiyoungadults is seriously the worst hashtag I've ever laid eyes on.

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