The Walking Dead season premiere recap: Cloudy With a Chance of Zombies

Months after the events of the finale, the prison community has established relatively peaceful existence. But you know what they say about all good things...
Ep. 01 | Aired Oct 13, 2013

THREE QUESTIONS Why does that lady look like a zombie? Why would you talk to a lady that looks like a zombie? Why would you give a lady that looks like a zombie your sandwich?

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The new kids on the cell block wave and giggle as they name the Walkers along the gate. Carl and Patrick greet them. But Carl is not one of them. He has seen and done too much to still consider himself a kid. He scolds them, echoing his father in telling them not to name the Walkers. He's right. Walkers are most definitely not people anymore, but he doesn't have to be so self-righteous about it.  The other kids, all girls and one young boy, walk away. Patrick agrees to see the others later in the day during story time. He may be a teenager, and older than Carl, Patrick knows how to take advantage of downtime. (Would you go to story time during a Zombiepocalypse when almost every waking moment is focused on survival? Discuss!)

Daryl, Michonne, Glenn, Sasha, Tyreese, Zach, and Bob arrive at a Big Spot (Think Big Lots! with less copyright infringement) that was converted into an Army refuge. Sasha distracted the Walkers with a boombox a few days ago, so the team moves into the encampment. Before sweeping the inside of the store, Zach tries to guess what Daryl did for a living before the Zombiepocalypse. He guesses "homicide cop," since Daryl is helpful but also surly. Daryl tries to play cool, but Michonne breaks out in laughter. (If only knew how much Daryl has grown since the beginning — and not just his hair.) The remaining Walkers inside the store come towards the sound of commotion, and the team rallies to take them out and start their supermarket sweep (or shop 'til they drop. Both '90s game show references work.) Little does the team know, there is something amiss at Big Spot. A crashed helicopter and a bevy of Walkers are on the roof? But roof zombies shouldn't be an issue, right? Right? WRONG.

Inside, the team spreads out to grab certain supplies. Michonne reminds the audience that's it's Halloween season — beheading a "monster" savings cardboard figure. (I sense a Walking Dead/ Sleepy Hollow mash-up on the horizon). In his new protective suit, Glenn has baby on the brain. We know this because he stares meaningfully at photo studio with a baby announcement poster. And Bob — oh Bob — makes the right decision for himself that turns into the worst-case scenario for everyone else.

Bob starts off innocently enough, admiring a shelf of untouched wine. He grabs a wine bottle and almost stashes it in his jacket but stops. No, that wouldn't be good for him. I'm assuming the former Army medic is an alcoholic. He puts the bottle back on the shelf. (Good for you, Bob! He's sticking to his principles even after civilization has ended!) But the shelf — and the ceiling above it — has water damage and the force of putting the bottle back, topples the shelf on top of him. He's lucky — he isn't cut or knocked out, but his foot is pinned under the shelf. The squad rushes to help him, but the zombies up top also rush above to where they heard a noise. Water damaged ceiling + plus shuffling zombies = Zombies falling into the store. Greg Nicotero, who directed this episode, has said that this season, he wants to make the Walkers a threat again. Well, a zombie hail storm sure seems like a viable threat to me. (Can a Zombienado be far off? Syfy, take note!)

The squad fight off the falling zombies, but it's tough going. As soon as one falls, one or two more drop in (literally). Meanwhile, Bob is still pinned and now the rest of the ceiling starts to buckle underneath the helicopter. Zach lifts the shelf to free Bob but before he can make a run for it, a Walker grabs his leg and bites into his calf. The team hesitates one second too long before the Walker rips out his throat. With no hope for Zach left — and a helicopter barreling through the ceiling — the rest of the team scrapes out alive.

NEXT: Rick takes A Day No Pigs Would Die too literally, ignores a strong sense of Stranger Danger.

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