The Walking Dead season premiere recap: Cloudy With a Chance of Zombies

Months after the events of the finale, the prison community has established relatively peaceful existence. But you know what they say about all good things...
Ep. 01 | Aired Oct 13, 2013

THREE QUESTIONS Why does that lady look like a zombie? Why would you talk to a lady that looks like a zombie? Why would you give a lady that looks like a zombie your sandwich?

Gene Page/AMC

In real couple news, Glenn and Maggie a.k.a. my OTP (one true pairing for those who unfamiliar with fangirl terms) are still together and awake from their bed. Although they both intend to go on the run, Glenn insists Maggie stay behind at the prison. After all they've been through, Glenn is not about to take any chances in losing his fiancee. Seeing how serious he is, she reluctantly agrees. Tyreese visits Karen at the fence, where she is picking off Walkers. Rather than joining her, he decides to also go on Daryl's run. Killing zombies for survival is one thing, but Tyreese can't handle looking them in the eye while ending them. Karen understands, giving him a kiss. (New couple alert!) Daryl wannabe Zach (Kyle Gallner) gears up for the run. (To save you from frantically searching the Interwebs for five seconds, he looks so familiar because he played Beaver on Veronica Mars and The Flash on Smallville. You're welcome.) He says goodbye to girlfriend Beth, who kisses him and walks away without saying goodbye. No longer the shell-shocked, suicidal Beth we met in season two, this Beth lives in the moment, content not to say goodbye to Zach and go on with her day of zombie weed picking at the fence.

Another newcomer, Bob Stookey (played by The Wire's Lawrence Gilliard Jr.), offers to join the run and help earn his place at the compound. Daryl found him alone in the woods a week before, and as such, Sasha is unsure how well he'll work with others. However, he's a former Army medic and could be useful in determining the best supplies to take back to the settlement.

Meanwhile, Rick and Carl warmly greet Michonne, returning on horseback from a hunt.  She presents Carl with more comic books and Rick with an electric razor. She tells Rick, "Your face is losing the war." (If Michonne wants him to shave, then everyone should want him to shave!) Her temporary return from hunting the Governor does not last long for she volunteers to join Daryl's run when Rick backs out. (Farmer Rick is more interested in checking on snares for meat than scavenging for supplies in zombie-infested territory. That would be more suited for Sheriff Rick.)

Hershel, walking again with a kick-ass prostethic leg, talks to Rick on behalf of the Council in attempts to persuade him to take his gun while out in the woods checking his traps. So far, we know the Council consists of Carol, Daryl, Glenn, Sasha, and maybe Hershel. But Farmer Rick is anti-gun. Besides he doesn't need it, a knife should be enough. I don't care if Rick is Crocodile Dundee, he needs more than a knife. Hershel agrees. For the sake of Carl and Judith, Rick agrees to bring his gun.

Once he's out in the woods, Rick sees that Walkers got to most of the caught animals before him. One boar is still alive after being caught but a lady Walker gets to it first. Rick stalks away but Lady Walker spots him. "Wait," she cries out, "Please! Please! Please help me." She's not a Walker — just a creepy Irish woman. What could possibly go wrong?

NEXT: It's raining zombies, goddammit! (Or whatever the opposite of Hallelujah is.)

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