The Walking Dead recap: Hearts and Thoughts They Fade

Rick and Carol go on a run as the others continue on their quest for medicine
Ep. 04 | Aired Nov 3, 2013

MAP TIME The Meds Crew faces obstacles — physical and emotional — on their trek to find aid for the infected back at the Prison. Some deal better than others.

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Rick and Carol

With no word back from the delayed Meds Crew, Rick and Carol make their own run for food, supplies, and any medicine they can find in the suburbs. Still reeling from Carol's revelation, Rick keeps conversation short. Carol, on the other hand, continues to state her case to him, justifying why she ended Karen and David. She explains that she wanted to stop the flu virus from spreading and protect the group and herself from a very real threat. But she wasn't cruel, she made it quick. Rick might as well be called Stonewall Jackson, as he is virtually unresponsive and difficult to read. Sticking to the task at hand, Rick leads them into a house to raid. Far from the Rick at the start of last season, who refused to eat dog food, he states, "If we can eat, we'll take it."

Inside the house, they take out a Walker in pajamas and uncover Zombiepocalypse Ethan Embry and Zooey Deschanel, who is not to be confused with Plantpocalypse Zooey Deschanel from The Happening. The young couple, Sam (Ethan) and Ana (Zooey), were trapped inside a room by the Walker in pajamas, which makes me see this in a whole new light. Separated from their larger group when it was overrun with Skin Eaters (zombies), they helped one another and fell in love.

Rick and Carol inadvertently switch roles between good cop and bad cop throughout their interaction with the naive, albeit kind duo. At first, Rick is the cautious one, asking them the Three Questions, which they pass although off-screen. Meanwhile, Carol fixes Sam's dislocated shoulder, a trick she picked up from her days of hiding her abuse at the hands of her husband from the public. But later, when Sam fails to show up at the designated time, Carol is the one comfortable leaving without him. Ana didn't make it past picking apricots and peaches before she had her skin eaten by zombies. Rick is reluctant to leave without him, if only so that he can retrieve the watch Sam borrowed. (Aw, was it this watch? That was a cool watch. Add that to the list of Walking Dead merch AMC should sell.)

As Rick and Carol forage for supplies, Carol forces Rick to respond to her admission of murder. She does not like what she "had to do," but she accepts it and wants Rick to do the same. She also calls out Rick's failed agrarian project, stating,  "You can be a Farmer, Rick. You can't just be a farmer." That's one more nail in the coffin of Farmer Rick. But his farming skills aren't totally out of commission, and they stop to harvest tomatoes and vegetables growing in a nearby patch. Reminiscing about her life before, Carol muses, "I didn't think I could be strong. I didn't know I could, but I already was." Yes! Yes, she was always strong! This is her shining moment as a full-fledged anti-heroine. She's a strong, loyal, and ruthless one, which is so refreshing to see on a drama. This is the moment I finally understood who Carol is. This is the moment I realized I really like this character. It is also the moment before she is banished. She's the anti-heroine we deserve, but not the one we need right now.

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