The Walking Dead recap: Hearts and Thoughts They Fade

Rick and Carol go on a run as the others continue on their quest for medicine
Ep. 04 | Aired Nov 3, 2013

MAP TIME The Meds Crew faces obstacles — physical and emotional — on their trek to find aid for the infected back at the Prison. Some deal better than others.

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As Daryl tinkers with the group's new car, Bob shares a bit about his past experiences during the Zombiepocalypse. He has a bad case of survivor's guilt, stuck in a solipsistic belief that he is cursed to witness the deaths of all those around him. Daryl's response: "That's bulls—." Classic Daryl. Never change. This provides a peek into Bob's psyche but not much in terms of his actual past actions. How did he end up as "the Witness" in his last two groups? As an alcoholic, what is he like when he drinks? What was he like before the Zombiepocalypse? Bob Stookey shares his personal demons, yet he has yet to share himself.

Once the car is fixed, the crew make it to the vet college. It must be an unwritten rule that all TV colleges are comprised of various ivy-covered brick buildings. After making their way into the right once-picturesque building, the crew finds the medicine they need. Before joining the others, Bob makes a beeline for something on an abandoned cot and sticks it into his rucksack.

Side note: Highlighted in this episode are the characters' various backpacks and bags, some of which are quite cool, even the Bob Stookey rucksack. It's simple yet sturdy, perfect for an weekend trip to Trader Joe's — or Big Spot!

With all of the supplies packed in the sporty and stylish backpacks, the Meds Crew fights its way out of the building. Daryl leads the charge but all members contribute. Daryl strategizes, Michonne slices, Tyreese smashes, and Bob stalls the onslaught of flu-infected Walkers. Did they die of the flu virus, or can Walkers also contract the flu virus? How does zombie biology work?!

Bob follows the rest of the crew escape onto a ledge from a window, but trips. He lands safely on the ledge, but his rucksack dangles from the edge in front a group of agitated Walkers. He holds onto the bag for dear life and, with the help of the others, he is able to retrieve it. Michonne, Tyreese, and Daryl think the bag holds medicine. Instead, it holds Bob's poison — a bottle of liquor.

Daryl is pissed, but more importantly, he is betrayed. Bob gestures at his gun as Daryl moves to throw the bottle, which sends Daryl almost over the edge. Moving like an enraged mountain lion, Daryl threatens Bob not to drink before he is able to administer the medicine or face the wrath of Dixon.

This is a significant moment for Bob, setting him up for a potential downward spiral or a much-needed wake-up call to address his deeply entrenched issues and addiction. It's also significant for Daryl, who shows just how much he cares for the group throughout the episode. Playfully deriding Michonne for not sticking around to meet people, collecting the jasper for someone back at the Prison, and threatening Bob are all signs that he cares for the community and will do anything to protect them and be a part of the collective. So how will community leader and council member Daryl react to being a part of the Prison group now that Carol is gone?

NEXT: Carol pleads her case to Judge Dredd Grimes

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