The Walking Dead recap: Everybody Loves a Villain

The Governor and his new family join his former henchman's camp. With the Governor no longer in power, what could possibly go wrong?
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 24, 2013

IF LOOKS COULD KILL The Governor/Brian/One-Eye Bri (David Morrissey) may be rocking the unbuttoned look for all it's worth, but at his core, he's still a dark soul who can't resist the impulse to seize power by any means necessary.

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The Governor finally makes his move and drives to the Prison, catching us up to where we left off with Rick and the gang. He sees Rick and Carl tending the crops before spotting Hershel and Michonne in the forest a few yards away. He points his gun and... cliffhanger!

Maybe it's my tendency towards self-conscious pedantry overshadowing my tendency towards GIF reactions, but this episode seems like one of the most formalist, structuralist episodes this season. I can't decide if the motifs and themes this episode were heavy-handed, clever, or both. The Governor's journey back to his old self is filled with mirror imagery and foils to compare. On one side of the mirror — or the lake — is the Governor, Mitch, and Martinez. They are concerned with their own survival and the survival of their people, which they see as only an extension of themselves. Martinez died because he failed to "survive" against the greatest survivalist of them all, the Governor. On the other side — and according to the Governor on the losing (read: watery grave) side — is Pete, Rick, and the Governor's brother.  Which side of the looking glass is the right one? Can anyone be a hero and a survivor? 

Walker of the Week: Muddy Walkers. Were they planted in the road by someone, or did they fall into the same muddy puddle? Regardless, they looked like incapacitated Walker Uruk-hai, which could never be a bad thing.

Questions to consider:

Will the Governor shoot at Michonne and Hershel? Will my prediction of Hershel's imminent death come to fruition?

Will the Governor's attack on the Prison succeed? He tried to take it twice and failed on both accounts.

Will the mega-herd be attracted to the noise of the confrontation?

Who is the group that attacked the forest camp? Are they related to the group heard over the radio?

Will the Governor's new group — and new family — learn about the Governor's sordid past?

With the Governor right at their door, will the Prison community even get the chance to react to Rick's decision to exile Carol?

Who's the goddamn Walker Feeder?

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