The Walking Dead recap: Everybody Loves a Villain

The Governor and his new family join his former henchman's camp. With the Governor no longer in power, what could possibly go wrong?
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 24, 2013

IF LOOKS COULD KILL The Governor/Brian/One-Eye Bri (David Morrissey) may be rocking the unbuttoned look for all it's worth, but at his core, he's still a dark soul who can't resist the impulse to seize power by any means necessary.

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Returning from the hunt, the Governor rushes to Lilly and orders them to leave the camp that night. He fears the camp will fall apart and he "can't lose [her] again." (He may or may not realize Lilly and Meghan are not his wife and daughter returned.) Unfortunately, his cut-and-run strategy doesn't work -- the road is blocked by Walkers stuck in the mud.

As such, the Governor returns his family to the camp and executes Survival Plan B. He heads to Pete's trailer, stating he wants to talk. Pete, crestfallen, lets him in on the pretense of discussing what to do with Mitch after he killed the innocent man from the forest camp. NOPE. Instead, the Governor literally stabs him in the back before choking him to death. Next stop on the Governor Revival Tour is Mitch's camper -- and this time he even looks like his old self again, donning a dark leather jacket.

Rather than take Mitch out, the Governor goes through the process of converting him into his next Martinez. Never moving his gun from Mitch's sight, the Governor shares a story from his past about his brother. His brother took the blame for stealing their father's cigarettes, even though they were both beaten as punishment. Like Pete and Rick, his brother was a "hero," the Governor accuses with bitter contempt. The Governor isn't interested in becoming a hero — he wants to survive. In his mind, these are mutually exclusive. Given the choice between following the Governor or following his brother to a watery grave, Mitch chooses to survive. He asks what they should say to the others about Pete. The Governor states that they'll say he died saving them on a supply run because "everybody loves a hero." Everyone, that is, except for the Governor.

Flash forward a few weeks and the Governor is fully back in power. With Mitch at his side and the others following his orders, he is building the camp and its infrastructure better than ever before. Plus, he's still rocking that leather jacket, a symbol of his power. Hey, it may not be a cape or crown but it sure looks intimidatingly cool — like he's some sort of Henry VIII of the Zombiepocalypse.

Frustrated with the camp's lack of fortification, the Governor talks to Lilly about finding a better place. Yeah, maybe like the Gorbelli apartment complex you abandoned. I still don't know why they left besides pushing the story along to allow for the Governor and his family to join Martinez's camp. He soon gets his excuse to search out a new location — or return to one he already has his eye on (no pun intended). In an ill-advised game of tag, Meghan is attacked by a Walker who stumbled into camp. The Governor shoots it in the nick of time, echoing his silent indignation when Walkers briefly overran Woodbury before all hell truly broke loose. With a real threat breaching their defenses, the camp will now more readily follow the Governor to wherever he deems better suited for their needs.

In another sign of rebuilding, the Governor upgrades his zombie head aquarium for a zombie lake, staring back at a fully animated Walker Pete, whose foot is weighted to the lake bottom. ("Dead Weight" double meaning!) He takes a moment to think but as he said, "You can't think forever. Sooner or later, you gotta make a move."

NEXT: Ugh, is the next episode really the midseason finale?

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