The Walking Dead recap: Everybody Loves a Villain

The Governor and his new family join his former henchman's camp. With the Governor no longer in power, what could possibly go wrong?
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 24, 2013

IF LOOKS COULD KILL The Governor/Brian/One-Eye Bri (David Morrissey) may be rocking the unbuttoned look for all it's worth, but at his core, he's still a dark soul who can't resist the impulse to seize power by any means necessary.

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Martinez, the Governor, and the brothers spend the night at the cabin, drinking beers and reminiscing on times past. We learn that both Mitch and Pete are ex-military. Before the Zombiepocalypse, Mitch was an ice cream truck driver-turned-Army tank operator. When the s— hit the fan, he peaced out of the Army with "his" ride in tow.

"End of the world don't mean s— when you got a tank," Mitch boasts. That is, as long as you're not completely surrounded by Walkers and don't know how to operate the tank. Unlike Mitch, younger brother Pete  stayed at his Army base for awhile until he too left, most likely once the the base was overrun with Walkers.

Back at Martinez's camp, they celebrate the spoils from the trip, which amounts to mostly canned beans and "skunky" beers. Lilly and Tara are very appreciative of Martinez, much to Governor Brian's chagrin. But with full bellies and buzzed minds, everyone in the camp is happy and goes off to celebrate the day. (Tara and Alisha scurry off to spend some alone time together. Damn, Tara, that was quick!)

Martinez surprises the Governor with a golf set just like the one the Governor enjoyed back at Woodbury. But this is not the Governor's setup — it's Martinez's, a fact Martinez does not mind reminding him. He explains Shumpert's absence, stating he never got over what happened to Woodbury and eventually committed suicide by Walker. With the Governor's return, Martinez concedes that they can maybe "share the crown a little." Ha. If there's anything the Governor isn't, it's a sharer. Remember that time about a day or so ago when Martinez asked if the Governor is different now and the Governor said that he is? He lied.

The Governor grabs a club, hits Martinez over the head with it, and kicks him off of the top of the RV. He then drags his body and feeds him to a pit full of Walkers, all the while repeating "I don't want it. I don't want it." What doesn't he want? To kill Martinez? To reclaim his role as camp leader? To live in a world infested with zombies? Whatever it is, he's killed Martinez, wants to reclaim his leadership position, and lives in a world infested with zombies. Deal with it, Guv.

Rest in peace, Martinez. We won't really miss you, but it was nice to see you again nonetheless. Thanks for dying so that we know that the Governor isn't the boring "good" guy he seemed to become.

The entire camp meets the next morning, believing Martinez drunkenly fell into the Walker pit. (The camp is much bigger than it seemed — so much for Martinez's warning about dead weight.) Pete assumes the role of leader, but the camp wants to vote. Things get tense for a moment as Mitch prefers the more autocratic side of things, but Pete agrees that they should take a vote as soon as they figure out a way to do so. Pete is a natural leader in the way that Rick is — leading by confidence and fairness rather than fear. Nevertheless, he is overwhelmed with the responsibility. While out hunting with Mitch and the Governor, Pete asks the Gov for help running the camp. Smug bastard he is, the Governor dares to look surprised by the gesture — maybe he genuinely is.

Before he can respond, Mitch finds a small camp hidden in the forest, flush with supplies. Pete shoots down Mitch's idea to rob them and instead continues hunting. After disappointing results — a few squirrels and condensed milk — they stumble upon the small camp again. Another group came in shortly after them, killing and robbing the camp anyway. Mitch is pissed — taking out an old, injured camper in his frustration. Pete is more upset with Mitch's erratic violent behavior than his failing to rob the camp. Throughout the debacle, the Governor remains silent — calculating his next move.

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