The Walking Dead recap: When It Rains, It Pours

With a Walker herd at their door and the infected getting worse, the Prison is on the brink of deterioration
Ep. 05 | Aired Nov 10, 2013

MAGGIE'S CHOICE Maggie (Lauren Cohan) storms the A block quarantine to save the infected, including her father Hershel (Scott Wilson) and fiancé Glenn (Steven Yeun).

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Hershel heads back into the block, closing more cell gates. He rushes over to help an unconscious Sasha because we know her name -- unlike the woman in the adjacent cell slowly turning into a Walker. I'm all for helping characters we know and love, but c'mon! He could've closed that one gate before helping Sasha. He manages to set up an IV for her, which, don't get me wrong, is great. Yet in the time it took him to do that, Glenn is close to choking to death and three infected people die and turn into Walkers. Woman Walker attacks and all hell breaks loose. Hershel is saved by an unnamed woman but an unnamed man accidentally shoots her as Man Walker bites his arm.

Lizzie, who is not in her cell (of course!), lures Walker Henry away from Glenn. Just as it seems as if she is going to stab him with Carol's knife, she trips and screams bloody murder until Hershel saves her. In a feat my grandfather would never be able to do, he throws Walker Henry onto the chain link ledge. Thanks for saving Glenn, Lizzie! But Walkers don't "listen" like a well-behaved pet. Walker Henry ain't no Fido. Hershel still manages to keep most of the carnage out of sight from the survivors in their cells, luring the Walkers to a secluded corner and shooting them one by one.

Rick finally helps Maggie fortify the fence, placing logs to hold the fence in place against the force of the Walker herd. With shots ringing out, Maggie scrambles to A block as Rick assures her that he has the Walker fence situation under control. After a fruitless and frankly stupid attempt to hack her away into the A block, Maggie shoots and shatters the glass barrier and storms into the block. She discovers Hershel struggling against Henry in attempts to remove the bag valve mask and use it for Glenn, who is in the final grips of the flu. In a critical moment in choosing between saving her father and risking the loss of the mechanism that could save her fiancé's life, she chooses to shoot Walker Henry. It doesn't mean she loves Glenn any less, as evidenced in how she rushed to his side as Hershel intubated him. She even kisses Glenn's bloody face! (Sweet but gross.) Does this mean that she chose Hershel over Glenn? Or is it merely an example of how good of a shot she is? This is a critical moment for Maggie, which may have repercussions in future episodes.

Lizzie appears (again) because she's apparently the younger sister of Orin, April's creepy friend on Parks and Rec. Why? To signal to the audience that the worst of the flu virus epidemic is over as well as to establish once again that she's a creepy kid, who now likes to swirl her shoe in a puddle of blood and mucus.

NEXT: Father-son Walker-killing bonding time. Plus, there's a new/old neighbor in town.

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