The Walking Dead recap: Under My Skin

All hell breaks loose as viruses of all sorts run amok in the prison
Ep. 02 | Aired Oct 20, 2013

RUN MACHETE BOY RUN Glenn (Steve Yeun) runs to the aid of those threatened by Walkers in D Block.

Gene Page/AMC

With no more pigs to tend to, Rick dismantles the pigsty. Carl meets him to help but Rick refuses. Because Carol apparently knows Carl better than I do, Carl tattles on her to Rick about Storytime/Zombie Hunting 101. (I honestly didn't think it was that big of a deal. Whatever, Carl, Rick doesn't care.) Farmer Rick may have been dismayed about children learning to use weapons especially without parental consent. But Farmer Rick is dead. He was a failed project. In a world where people are susceptible to a deadly flu as well as a zombie virus, no one pretend that the threat of extinction, nay, utter annihilation isn't ever-present.

Rick burns the sty and his pig bloodstained shirt to prevent the possible spread of the flu. Opening his tool box, he returns Carl's gun and puts on his old holster. Sheriff Grimes isn't back in full force but parts of him have returned. This is a new composite Rick. Time will tell if he will act as the fair leader he can be or devolve into the Ricktator once more.

Back inside the Prison, Tyreese brings flowers (technically flowering weeds but these are tough times) to Karen's cell in A Block. The cell is empty save for an unsavory amount of blood splatter. The blood continues out from the cell and past a door to the outside. Tyreese follows the trail of smeared blood to find two bodies burnt to a crisp. He falls to his knees, devastated, as one of the corpses wears Karen's bracelet. Someone poured gasoline on Karen and the unidentified man and set them ablaze — killing them and their viruses, zombie and otherwise. Is the person responsible the same individual as the Walker Feeder? So many questions remain unanswered!

Questions to consider:

Who is — or was — feeding Walkers and to what end?

What is the cause of the flu virus? Does it matter?

If the pigs were infected, then is Rick infected after his pig blood baptism?

What is the cure for the flu virus, if any?

Who will be infected next?

Will blaming Lizzie for everything be the new blaming Carl for everything?

When will the Governor show up again?

Will Rick return to a leadership role? Will he be good at it?

Can anyone actually survive a Zombiepocalypse? What does that even mean?

When will my heart stop hurting?

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