The Walking Dead recap: Under My Skin

All hell breaks loose as viruses of all sorts run amok in the prison
Ep. 02 | Aired Oct 20, 2013

RUN MACHETE BOY RUN Glenn (Steve Yeun) runs to the aid of those threatened by Walkers in D Block.

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After the Council meeting, Carol finds Lizzie and Mika at their favorite spot by the fence. Carol is straight with them, calling Lizzie weak for her inability to ensure her father's true death. But Lizzie is upset, brooding over the death of her loved one. She isn't angry over the loss of her father but the loss of Nick the Walker. My favorite line of the night is Mika's response to Carol after Lizzie runs off in tears: "She's messed up. She's not weak." If Mika continues to bring the pint-sized sass every week, then I'll be content with so much focus going to The Walking Dead: The Next Generation this season.

That's not to say this storyline is not fraught with problems. I understand the need to comfort and educate these young girls after their father's death, but doesn't Carol notice the large group of Walkers at the fence? In this case, a cathartic Walker killing spree seems more appropriate than a contemplative walk to pick flowers and stare at already killed zombies. Less talk and more action, Carol.

Don't even get me started on Rick and Daryl's insistence on burying the dead over noticing the Walker threat at their door, or rather, fence.) Back from escorting Michonne to C Block, Maggie calls Rick and Daryl over to the fence (finally) where the Walkers are perilously close to breaching the compound. Maggie, Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Sasha, and Tyreese ferociously pick at the Walkers, but it may be too little, too late.

Sasha discovers the remains of the rats fed to the Walkers. The Walker Feeder only whetted the Walkers' appetite with rat heads, not the full bodies. That's pure evil! Before the group can speculate further, they rush to hold the fence as the force of the Walkers intensifies. One Walker even manages to shimmy himself higher on the fence. (Walkers are terrifying enough without developing the ability to climb. I don't think Rick and friends can survive against giant hordes of fast-moving zombies like those from World War Z.)

Combining the brazenness of Sheriff Grimes and the ingenuity of Farmer Rick, Rick devises a plan to lure the Walkers away from the fence. Daryl drives a Jeep and flatbed as Rick creates a trail of bleeding pigs, spraying himself with pig's blood each time. The plan works, allowing for Sasha and Glenn to reinforce the damaged fence as well as rid of the potentially virus-carrying pigs. Rick kills two birds with one stone, but in the process, he loses the last vestiges of a "normal" life as Farmer Rick.

Although not a significant role to the major events of the episode, the scenes featuring Michonne, Beth, and Judith had a quiet and understated brilliance. I could ramble ad nauseam on how these short character-developing scenes symbolized past, present, and future, stages of womanhood, or some existential brouhaha, but I'll spare you. I will say, however, the image of a crying Michonne pressing her face to baby Judith is one of my favorite moments of the series.

NEXT: Rick Grimes is dead. Long live Rick Grimes. 

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