The Walking Dead recap: Under My Skin

All hell breaks loose as viruses of all sorts run amok in the prison
Ep. 02 | Aired Oct 20, 2013

RUN MACHETE BOY RUN Glenn (Steve Yeun) runs to the aid of those threatened by Walkers in D Block.

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The next morning, Walker Patrick continues to gorge on the feast that is Mustached Man’s intestines. Yum. But as he seems to grow bored with the same flavors, he follows the sound of someone coughing elsewhere in the Block — leaving Mustached Man to awake as Mustached Walker. Lovely.

At the guard tower, Glenn keeps watch over the Prison and Maggie, who is asleep in their makeshift tower bed. Overcome with the beauty of the moment, he takes a Polaroid of her. (I’m not sure if it’s a Polaroid, but it’s a really cute, blue camera that will be included on my Christmas list this year.) Glenn leaves for a perimeter check as Maggie manages the tower post. I couldn’t love Glenn and Maggie more in this short, intimate moment. Against all odds and despite differing opinions on how to approach everyday Zombiepocalyptic life, these two found true love. This moment worries me. It worries me a lot. (On this show, momentary happiness equals looming tragedy.)

In C Block, Rick readies his children for the day. He wakes Carl — no more comic book freebies, Carl, you have work to do — and hands off Judith to nanny/babysitter Beth.

Readying herself for another hunt for the Governor, Michonne greets Rick and Carl en route to farming duties. She asks Carl why he doesn't wear his hat anymore. He replies, "It's not a farming hat." With Farmer Rick also comes Farmer Carl, or at least, that's what Carl wants people to think.

One of the young Grimes' defining traits throughout the series has been his desire to emulate his father, or more broadly, his father figure. At the start of the Zombiepocalpyse, his father figure was Shane. Soon after, however, it shifted back to Rick. Now that Sheriff Grimes has become Farmer Rick, so has Carl changed from wanting to be a post-apocalyptic gunslinger to a farmer. Nevertheless, just as Rick struggles to maintain his simpler, less gun-friendly identity, so too does Carl struggle with obeying his father's wishes. Carl is not the bright-eyed little boy he once was. He is an angsty adolescent with more differing opinions from his father’s point of view than he wants to admit. If he had his way, he would be killing Walkers day-in and day-out with his gun at his side. Instead, Rick has put his foot down and taken away his son's gun. His focus is on farming, not zombie-slaying.

That is, at least, before the proverbial s— hits the fan. Gun shots echo from inside the Prison. Lizzie and Mika — the spunky, bratty sisters from the premiere — run outside alerting everyone of the Walker infestation in D Block. Rick joins Sasha, Tyreese, Daryl, and others to face the crisis. Rick orders Carl to head to the guard tower with Maggie, but since Carl is Carl, he scrambles to the gates. Michonne turns back to the Prison, and Carl opens the gates for her — and a few straggler Walkers. (I swear I could hear the shouts of “Goddammit Carl!” echoing from house to house.) Michonne tries to fend them off but is unable to reach her katana before they pounce. Carl shoots one Walker and Michonne pushes the other onto a wooden spike — but not before she injures her ankle. Maggie descends from the tower, takes out the spiked Walker, and helps Michonne limp into the compound. Due to the commotion in and around the Prison, more and more Walkers group along the fence.

NEXT: We should take D Block and push it somewhere else.

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