The Walking Dead recap: Lost and Found

Still separated from one another, the rest of the gang grapple with their new realities
Ep. 10 | Aired Feb 16, 2014

ALL IS LOST | Even preeminent survivalist Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) has doubts about surviving after the group's devastating losses. Not like he said that exactly, but he pretty much glared a similar sentiment.

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Maggie, Sasha, and Bob

Maggie sharpens her blade, Sasha dresses Bob's gunshot wound, and Bob smiles like the enigmatic creeper that he is. I still can't quite tell what Bob Stookey's deal is. Maybe it is that simply he suffers from survivor's guilt and alcoholism and now will serve as Sasha's love interest. (Have you noticed the way he looks at her?)

Resolute in her decision to reunite with Glenn, Maggie is off to find the bus of escapees. Unwilling to split up again, Bob and Sasha tag along, much to Sasha's chagrin. They follow the bus' initial direction east on the road, passing a sign warning, "Hitchhikers may be escaping inmates." Is George a giant purgatory state? Is every character actually already dead, undergoing God's judgment as inmates of purgatory? Crazier things have happened on television.

Down the road, they catch up with the bus, which is seemingly abandoned on the street. But the bus, which was filled mostly with the infected from A block, is now filled to the brim with Walkers. Maggie insists on letting each Walker out to determine if Glenn is among them. Sasha and Bob help her, but rather than finding Glenn, they instead uselessly waste ammo on killing the bus Walkers.

Still in a state of shock and desperation, Maggie climbs into the bus to see if any of the remains once were Glenn. One Walker, a black-haired male, is still on the bus, struggling under the weight of a actually dead body. Maggie frees him and stabs him in the brain, without hesitation. She collapses on a seat, grimacing. Her silent sobs grow into laughter. He wasn't Glenn. None of the bus Walkers nor the bus Walkers' food were Glenn.


Poor Glenn. Less than a couple days ago, he almost died from a devastating illness. Then, his father-in-law was executed and his home was destroyed. Now, he is stranded in the ruins of his sanctuary, separated from his people including the love of his life, and surrounded by flesh-eating zombies. Today is no good, very bad day for Glenn. On the bright side, at least he isn't a bus Walker!

Crying out for Maggie, Glenn soon realizes that he's on his own in the Prison. He returns to his and Maggie's old cell, taking a few moments to assess his new predicament. Pain and defeat are written all over his face. Will he surrender to his fate? He notices the snapshot of Maggie, which he took not too long ago. It gives him the resolve he needed. He brings out riot gear and gathers supplies into a rucksack, including Bob's liquor. He isn't giving up on life. He isn't giving up on Maggie.

Armed in the riot gear and helmet, Glenn dives into the Walker fray. He struggles but scrapes out of the worst of the Walker horde, unharmed. (He must have turtled to avoid getting bitten in the neck.) Before leaving the Prison grounds for good, he discovers Tara, Lilly's loud mouth yet naïve sister, who clammed up after witnessing the Governor's true colors. She is alone and unmoving, trapped in a small gated section of the Prison.

Just as shell shocked as she was in the midseason finale, Tara needs Glenn's presence to snap her out of inaction. (She didn't shoot a single bullet into the assault on the Prison.) Following Glenn's lead, Tara works with him to escape her hideout, and together, they finally leave the remnants of the Prison. They must have just missed Michonne when she returned to the Prison, as several images of the burning Prison are reused from the midseason finale. This is most likely the last we will see of the Prison. It was fun while it lasted, but I won't miss it. Will you?

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