The Walking Dead recap: Lost and Found

Still separated from one another, the rest of the gang grapple with their new realities
Ep. 10 | Aired Feb 16, 2014

ALL IS LOST | Even preeminent survivalist Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) has doubts about surviving after the group's devastating losses. Not like he said that exactly, but he pretty much glared a similar sentiment.

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Lizzie, Mika, Tyreese, and Judith (!!!)

Baby Judith is alive! Tyreese has her, safe in his arms, for now. (Good job, eagle-eyed fans, who noticed Tyreese carrying something — or someone — in the midseason finale.) Lizzie and Mika are still alive, too. Lizzie is cold and steely as ever. Mika is still a terrible crier.

Lizzie stabs at the rabbits in the log with her knife, confirming that the tracks Daryl and Beth followed are those of Tyreese and the girls. Is this also proof that Lizzie is the Walker Feeder/Rat Vivisector? I know a lot of people assume this, but I feel like it's too easy for it to be her. Anyway, Tyreese and the girls are back on the move after hearing noises in the woods.

Next on the trail are the grapes, so Lizzie and Mika enjoy snack time while Tyreese changes Judith's diaper. Unfortunately for them, babies are loud, especially when they're on the run from zombies. Hearing more noises in the woods — it's not like there aren't other creatures in the forest — Tyreese and the sisters are on edge. Crows startle Mika, and she runs off, abandoning her group. (How old is Mika supposed to be? Isn't she smart enough to not run blindly into the woods? Apparently not.)

Luckily — I guess; I don't have much patience for tweens — they catch up to her. No Walkers are in sight, but human screams can be heard from close-by. Tyreese hands Judith off to Lizzie and groups the girls together as he runs off to help whoever may be in danger. This may not be the wisest decision, but it does show the lengths to which Tyreese will help others, especially if there's a chance he may help a lost friend or his lost sister, Sasha.

Stuck with two (understandably) psychologically damaged tweens, Judith starts to cry. The only thing  for Lizzie to do, of course, is to cover her mouth and not let go. Just then, two Walkers approach the girls. Mika calls out for Lizzie's help, but Lizzie is too busy smothering Judith to death.

On a zombie show, you expect to see some dark, horrific imagery. A kid smothering a crying baby to death is not an image that immediately comes to mind. I don't often talk at my TV, but when Lizzie wouldn't move her hand from Judith's mouth, I shouted, "NO!" like Dr. Robert Neville having a breakdown. We just got Judith back. She can't die like this!

Meanwhile, Tyreese reaches the train tracks to find a group of strangers overrun by Walkers. He does what he can but all but one of the group dies, and the survivor is bitten. With a final blow to the last Walker standing, Tyreese overhears his name called in a woman's voice.

It's Carol! With a live Judith in her arms (Thank goodness!) and Lizzie and Mika at her sides, Carol has returned. (Carol's last appearance was in episode four, "Indifference," which aired back in November.) In the Dead world, she's been gone for only a few days. Since Rick never got the chance to tell Tyreese that Carol was responsible for the deaths of Karen and David, Tyreese welcomes her with open arms. Clearly not ready to come clean about her past actions, Carol lies about her exile, explaining that she merely stayed out longer to scavenge and found the Prison in chaos when she returned. She followed Tyreese and the girls' trail as they escaped, but lost them, only to come upon them just now.

Following the advice of the bitten survivor — who later turns into the Walker that surprises Beth and Daryl — the strange familial unit follows the train tracks and discovers a marker, heralding a "sanctuary for all." The sign reads, "Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive survive." A map below is hand-marked with the location of the "sanctuary," Terminus.

Terminus was one of the original names for Atlanta, as the settlement marked the end or "terminus" of several railroad routes. It also denotes finality, which probably does not bode well for our favorite gang of Zombiepocalypse survivors. Is there even a possibility that Terminus is actually a sanctuary?

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