The Walking Dead season finale recap: Zombie Life Sucks. Deal With It.

In the season finale, Rick's new heaven goes to hell, and a secret gets whispered
Ep. 06 | Aired Dec 5, 2010

"GIVE ME A HOT SHOWER WITH MY WIFE--OR ELSE!" Rick (Andrew Lincoln) leads his tired and grimy pack of zombie apocalypse survivors into the (allegedly) safe haven of the CDC.


DAN: That makes sense. But let’s entertain other scenarios. Was there something else that he could have detected in someone’s blood work? Leukemia or another malignancy? Also, Jenner did say there may be others like him. What if he was giving Rick the location of another super-science refuge, or even a somewhat safe place for Rick to hole up in?

JEFF: If Jenner knew for sure there were other scientists still alive and working, why did he surrender to suicidal despair? But I am open to the notion that perhaps he was giving Rick a tip about where he might find more help. Like: “Los Angeles hasn’t fallen to the zombies yet. Maybe you spend all of season 2 trying to get there.”

DAN: Los Angeles? Too smoggy. Think of a place that zombies would hard-pressed to attack. Yes, the ocean. What if there is an underwater facility off the Atlantic that caught word of the zombie attack and these folks are plotting and/or waiting it out a few thousand leagues under the sea, and our gang has to figure out a way to reach them? Now that’s a SEAson 2!

JEFF: Can there be zombie sharks?

DAN: I'll do you even better. There’s an invasion of pirates, led by a hook-handed man…named Merle!

JEFF: Sold! "Sea" you then!

And on that note, our season of recapping comes to a close. As always, we thank you for reading -- and for indulging our flights of tangential fancy.’s coverage of The Walking Dead’s first season doesn’t end with this recap: We’re going to be post-morteming the finale all week long, beginning with Clark Collis’ Q&A with Robert Kirkman posting on Monday. Until we again have the pleasure of talking your ears off -- be well, folks.

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