The Walking Dead recap: The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

Several groups converge on Terminus as the series sets up for the season finale.
Ep. 15 | Aired Mar 23, 2014

ON A MISSION | Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) is dead-set on delivering Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) to Washington, D.C. in order to save the world. Unlike other depictions of soldiers in post-apocalyptic media, Abraham is not without compassion. His strength and weakness lies in his trusting nature and complete faith in Eugene's word — never questioning Eugene's knowledge and importance.

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Inside the tunnel, they find Walkers pinned under rubble — lots of rubble. Tara notes that their blood is still wet, meaning the cave-in must have been recent. The duo make a path to the top of the debris, killing immobile Walkers as they go. Glenn checks their faces to ensure none of them are Maggie (or Sasha or Bob). Upon reaching the top, they realize the other side is overrun with Walkers.

Apparently unmoved by the dangers of an approaching Walker horde, Glenn checks the mobile Walkers' faces too. None of them are Maggie (or Sasha or Bob). He wants to push through, but Tara urges him to choose another way that doesn't result in immediate death.  The other way involves distracting the Walkers with the flashlight as Glenn and Tara scoot past the rubble blockade to the other side of the tunnel.

Meanwhile, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene happen upon a workable vehicle — a minivan equipped with its own zombie air freshener. Rosita and Eugene squabble over who should act as navigator. Eugene's mix of humblebrags and "please" eventually win Rosita over, but really Eugene's plan was to return to the tracks to ensure Glenn and Tara's safety. Once they're stopped at the other side of the tunnel, Rosita argues that Glenn and Tara are not the priority — the priority is getting Eugene to DC. Eugene deftly skirts the subject, affirming, "After I save the world, I still have to live with myself." Abraham wakes up and argues with Rosita until Eugene spots something — or someone — close by.

Inside the tunnel, Tara gets her foot stuck under a boulder of debris. Glenn tries in vain to free her. She yells at him to leave her and go find Maggie. Despite everything that has happened, that's just not the type of person Glenn is. Valiant, noble, and irrational as ever, Glenn unloads his clip into the surrounding Walkers. He's ready to confront them as well as his certain death.

Suddenly, lights appear and a group shoots down the remaining Walkers around Glenn and Tara. Is it Abraham and Co.? No! It's Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, AND MAGGIE (and Sasha and Bob)! Glenn and Maggie are reunited, and yes, it does feel so good.

Sharing their first moment alone in a long time, Maggie tells her "husband" that she's the one that caused the cave in, following WWGD (What Would Glenn Do). Like Glenn, Maggie refers to herself as his wife, but don't think I don't want to see a real wedding, The Walking Dead writers! Maggie finds Glenn's Polaroid of her and burns it, asserting, he'll never again need a picture of her. It's a touching gesture; I just can't help feeling nervous that such an expression of love can only result in bitter tragedy.

The group decides to journey to Terminus together with all but Glenn and Maggie stating that they eventually wish to continue to Washington, D.C. The next day, they make to the end of the line, finding a large, fenced-in warehouse. It's Terminus! They open the gate, passing a well-kept garden of flowers and crops. They enter the inner gate following the orders of an accompanying sign — "LOWER YOUR WEAPONS. YOU WILL BE MET. YOU HAVE ARRIVED AT TERMINUS." Inside, signs of a thriving post-apocalyptic community are evident, not unlike the Prison community at its prime. What's missing, however, are all the people.

Only one person is visible. She's preparing something near a grill. The woman, Tasha Yar Denise Crosby in a brown Pioneer Woman wig, welcomes them. "Hi, I’m Mary. Look’s like you’ve been on the road awhile. Let’s get you settled, and we'll make you a plate. Welcome to Terminus." Abort! Abort! Something's not right! Ugh, Terminus is going to fry my nerves. I can feel it.

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