The Walking Dead recap: Look at the Flowers

Carol, Tyreese, and the girls find a safe haven, only to uncover a threat within their ranks
Ep. 14 | Aired Mar 16, 2014

WE ALL CHANGE Carol (Melissa McBride) does all she can to prepare Lizzie and Mika, her de facto adopted daughters, for the brutal realities of the Zombiepocalypse. The one threat she didn't anticipate results in both of their deaths. Having urged Lizzie to be tough and strong, she inadvertently triggered Lizzie's mental instability. Now with all her children gone, will she be able to care for baby Judith?

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Carol and Tyreese return to the homestead, discovering Mika dead, Lizzie covered in blood holding a knife, and Judith crawling on a blanket next to Lizzie. "Don’t worry. She’ll come back," Lizzie shrugs. "I didn’t hurt her brain." No, Lizzie didn’t "hurt" Mika’s brain; instead, she stabbed her torso numerous times. "Judith can change, too," Lizzie later adds. I am not emotionally prepared for a zombie baby! I wasn't at the midseason finale, and I'm not now!

Frenzied, Lizzie brandishes a gun at Carol and Tyreese, but Carol’s (false) promises of waiting for Mika to “change” placate her. Tyreese takes Judith and Lizzie back to the house, carrying on Carol's ruse that nothing is wrong. Alone, Carol lets herself cry out for a short moment until she unsheathes her knife to ensure Mika doesn’t in fact change.

After, Tyreese (safely guarding Judith in his arms) explains to Carol what Lizzie told him. He confirms that Lizzie was the dreaded Walker Feeder as well as the Rat Vivisector. She told Tyreese that she was "just having fun." (Ugh!) Tyreese speculates that perhaps it was Lizzie who killed Karen and David. Carol shakes her head, knocking down her potential out from taking responsibility, as she notes that Lizzie would have let them turn if she killed them. After a short deliberation, they reach the silent conclusion that I’m sure many were screaming at the TV. "She can’t be around other people" means it’s time for Lizzie to go.

Carol quite literally takes Lizzie out to pasture on the auspices of picking wildflowers for Mika. A white cloud of smoke billows from afar — whatever violence occurred over there has ended. Unfortunately, the grove will see more bloodshed. Lizzie thinks Carol is upset with her for pointing a gun at her. She gives no mention of killing her sister. She tells Lizzie to "look at the flowers" in order to calm her down. Tears streaming down her face, Carol takes out her gun and shoots. Covered in sweat and tears, she returns to the house, spotting another deer nearby. She can’t bring herself to see to the end of another innocent life. Tyreese and Carol add two more small graves to the makeshift cemetery on the grounds. Unlike Tyreese’s frenzied digging after Karen’s death, this act is much more subdued and somber.

At night, Tyreese and Carol sit in front of a table; a puzzle remains relatively untouched before them. Carol pushes a gun over on the table towards Tyreese and finally confesses that she killed Karen and David. Tyreese grips the table, but he does not spew a tirade of unbridled rage and vengeance. He asks if Karen felt any pain, to which Carol replies no. He grips the gun for a moment and lets go. After the spread of the virus, the fall of the Prison community, and now the deaths of Lizzie and Mika, Tyreese’s initial angry and violent reaction has dissipated.

He stares at Carol and whispers, "I forgive you. I’m never gonna forget. It happened. You did it. You feel it. I know you do. It’s a part of you now. Me too. But I forgive you." While Mika and Tyreese previously entertained thoughts of staying at the grove, too much has happened since then. Carol confessed the truth about Karen and David. Mika and Lizzie are dead. They abandon the house and grove and continue down the tracks towards Terminus as Carol's encouraging words to Lizzie from “Indifference” return.

Lizzie: I’m not afraid to kill. I’m just…afraid.

Carol: You can’t be.

Lizzie: How?

Carol: You fight it. And fight it. You don’t give up. And then one day, you’re just…change. We all change.

With the deaths of Sophia, Lizzie, and Mika, Carol has lost all of her children — all daughters. After Sophia's death, she changed into harder, tougher New Carol. Still having to care for Judith, what will Carol change into next?

Walker of the week: Char-grilled Walkers from the mysterious fire. The extra, extra crispy Walker is especially menacing as he approaches the girls like a newborn Uruk-hai freshly hatched out of the mud of Isengard.

Questions to consider: 

Will Tyreese ever truly forgive Carol?

Who or what caused the fire? Who are the people who were set aflame while still alive?

Will Tyreese and Carol reach Terminus? Or will they only find ruins?

What is the overall sequence of events for all of the groups? How much time has passed since the Great Scattering?

No, seriously, who's Gareth?!

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