The Walking Dead recap: All Tracks Lead to Terminus

Daryl and Beth settle into a new home. Maggie, Sasha, and Bob face the dangers of going it alone.
Ep. 13 | Aired Mar 9, 2014

HUMAN JUKEBOX | Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) soothes her soul and entertains Daryl with an intimate concert with just her voice and the piano. The Zombiepocalypse rids the world of so many things including culture. To play and hear music in a post-apocalyptic setting is to imbue the new world with a sense — and sound — of the past.

Gene Page/AMC

After another evening of peanut butter, jelly, and diet cola, Beth writes a thank you note to the stash's original owners, resolute regardless of whether they'll return or not. Daryl suggests that they stay for awhile and try to make it work if and when the original residents return. Relieved and surprised, Beth asks what changed Daryl's mind on there still being good people in the world. Shy to respond, Daryl dodges the question. Beth is insistent. He stares at her until she realizes — she changed his mind.

The scene is electric. It could lead to something...but the zombie detection device rings again, accompanied by a dog's barks. Daryl grabs a jar of pig’s feet and opens the door for the mangy mutt. Instead, a hungry horde of Walkers greet him. Stupid dog! You made Daryl look bad!

Barking at Beth to "grab her sh—" and escape through a window, Daryl lures the Walker horde to the basement embalming room. Daryl barely slips out of the claustrophobic space, his will to live and a strong, stabbing arm as his only tools of survival. Outside, he finds Beth’s "sh—" abandoned in the street and a car racing away from the scene. Daryl follows on foot in hot pursuit, all the while screaming Beth’s name. Faster than Admiral Ackbar can yell "It's a trap!," Beth is gone and Daryl is alone.

Daryl runs into the next day, struggling to follow the car and retrieve Beth. He eventually stops when he reaches a fork in the road, bisected only by a singular line of railroad tracks. (Another coincidence? I think not!) Exhausted, he falls asleep while sitting in the road. Six men dressed like post-apocalyptic prospects of the Sons of Anarchy Georgia charter surround him. The leader moves towards Daryl and consequently falls back as Daryl clocks him in the face and aims his crossbow at his head. Post-apocalyptic Sons of Anarchy are none other than Joe and the suburban intruders from "Claimed." Joe laughs, complimenting Daryl as a real "bowman." Joe smiles, asking, "Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people?" With that, Daryl stands down, as do Joe's men. Hey, Joe is going to be trouble. I can feel it.

Walker of the week: Hands down, Walkers in the Mist. A swarm of Walkers coming at you inside of a funeral home is scary, too, but an indeterminate number of Walkers reigning down upon you in a thick shroud of fog is a chilling sight.

Questions to consider:

Who took Beth? Where is she going? Why was she taken?

Will Beth follow the footsteps of the other moral compasses of the series into an untimely grave?

Will Daryl continue his search for Beth or abandon the search in joining Joe and his crew?

Will we learn more about Bob's "bull-headed," deceased partner?

When will our favorite Zombiepocalypse survivors reach Terminus?

What will they find when they get there?

What's up with the one-eyed dog?

Who's Gareth?!

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