The Walking Dead recap: All Tracks Lead to Terminus

Daryl and Beth settle into a new home. Maggie, Sasha, and Bob face the dangers of going it alone.
Ep. 13 | Aired Mar 9, 2014

HUMAN JUKEBOX | Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) soothes her soul and entertains Daryl with an intimate concert with just her voice and the piano. The Zombiepocalypse rids the world of so many things including culture. To play and hear music in a post-apocalyptic setting is to imbue the new world with a sense — and sound — of the past.

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Daryl and Beth

Making good on his drunken threat to teach Beth how to use a crossbow, a thankfully sober Daryl has taken it upon himself to teach Beth how to track and hunt. Some time has passed since we last encountered the duo, indicative in their new clothes and packs. Tempus fugit.

Beth tracks a lone Walker, feasting in a clearing. She approaches it but is ensnared in a hidden animal trap before she can shoot it. Daryl dispatches of the Walker and frees Beth, who has sprained her ankle. Watching this scene with the entire episode in mind, I suspect that the animal trap and random lone Walker are signs that Daryl and Beth are not so far off from other people after all. Eventually, Beth and Daryl reach a cemetery and Fisher-Diaz Funeral Home, oddly the most peaceful location they've stumbled upon in some time. Beth struggles with her ankle, so Daryl gives her a piggyback ride to the funeral home.

Beth speculates that there may be (hopefully good!) people at the funeral home, steadfast in her belief that there are still good people in the world. Daryl quips, "I don't think the good ones survive." Before reaching the house, they stop to pay respects for Hershel at an 1800s-era tombstone marked "Beloved Father." Daryl places weed flowers atop the marker, and they hold hands, interlocking fingers. Hershel was one of the good ones — he didn't survive.

Soon after, they scour the funeral home, finding it suspiciously clean and vacant. The only residents left are truly dead people in various stage of embalming. They also find an organized pantry of food, including a "white trash brunch" of peanut butter, jelly, and pig's feet. Daryl suspects it may be someone else's stash and decides to leave most for its original owner. (Aw, Daryl's one of the good ones. Wait, does that mean he won't survive?!)

Surrounded by candles, Beth and Daryl spend a quiet evening with a little night music. Beth plays the piano and sings Waxahatchee's "Be Good" as Daryl listens from his comfy, coffin bed. Continuity Police Mini-Alert! Assuming the series takes place roughly around the same time it first aired in 2010, there is no way Beth would have learned that song as the band Waxahatchee formed in 2011. The way the moment plays, it could be assumed that Beth wrote the song herself. As such, it can plausibly make sense in continuity. It most definitely makes sense for the emotionality of the scene.

What's clever about the post-apocalyptic salon is that the more on-the-nose lyrics of "Be Good" are left out of the scene. The song starts with, "It's unclear now, what we intend/ We're alone in our own world/ You don't wanna be my boyfriend/ And I don't wanna be your girl." The growing connection between Beth and Daryl is evident — we already know this. The song choice is window-dressing, a hint to viewers familiar with the song as well as confirmation to those geeky enough (like me) who seek out the rest of the lyrics.

Daryl carries Beth into the kitchen the next morning — in a matter not unlike a newlywed groom traditionally carries his bride. He has prepared an all inclusive white trash brunch for two. As they are about to dig in, the zombie detection device alerts them. Daryl grabs his crossbow and creaks open the front door to find — a mangy, one-eyed dog. The once-white dog sniffs Daryl's hand and runs off as fast as it appeared. Is it a coincidence that with one eye the dog reminds me of a pirate and therefore must be a pirate-like scout for a future villain (Gareth perhaps)? I think not!

Despite my dubious logic, the dog is confirmed to be a part of someone's plans as his return interrupts an emotionally tense — dare I say, romantic? — scene between Daryl and Beth.

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