The Walking Dead recap: All Tracks Lead to Terminus

Daryl and Beth settle into a new home. Maggie, Sasha, and Bob face the dangers of going it alone.
Ep. 13 | Aired Mar 9, 2014

HUMAN JUKEBOX | Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) soothes her soul and entertains Daryl with an intimate concert with just her voice and the piano. The Zombiepocalypse rids the world of so many things including culture. To play and hear music in a post-apocalyptic setting is to imbue the new world with a sense — and sound — of the past.

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Later in their makeshift camp, Sasha voices her reservations to Bob while Maggie is out collecting firewood. She wants to stop looking for Glenn, thinking he's most likely dead. More than that, she wants to stop traveling altogether and instead settle in a town. Find a building and some higher ground — rebuild. Her ideal setup sounds just like Tara, Lily, and Megan's home before the Governor showed up and ruined everything. Someone as pragmatic as Sasha could make it work, right?

The next morning, Sasha and Bob find a note from Maggie, indicating that's she's journeying to Terminus alone. "DON'T RISK YOUR LIVES 4 ME. GOOD LUCK," she writes. Not skipping a beat, Bob starts to pack up their camp, intending to catch up to her on the tracks. Still reluctant, Sasha goes along.

Meanwhile, Maggie encounters another marker for Terminus as she treks along the train tracks. Just as she's about to carve out a sign of her own, a lone Walker appears, giving her an idea. Plodding down the tracks, Sasha (finally!) calls out Bob for his creepy grin. (I may have added the creepy part.) He shares that he's happy not to be alone, breaking his streak since his first camp fell apart.

Sasha and Bob don't manage to catch up to Maggie. They do, however, discover Maggie's message alongside the Terminus marker. Using the Walker's blood as ink, Maggie wrote "GLENN GO TO TERMINUS. MAGGIE."

That night, Sasha keeps watch as Bob attempts to fall asleep. A nearby Walker groans in the night, most likely impaled somewhere. Bob calls out Sasha for her assumption of Tyreese's death. She refuses to answer, responding to him in a series of choice dirty looks. That doesn't stop him from describing her as both the toughest and sweetest person he's ever met. (Aw! I may have to change my opinion of him.)

The duo continue to follow the train tracks the next day, passing by another Walker-inked sign from Maggie. Inevitably, they reach a town, noticing an abandoned, three story warehouse nearby the tracks. Sasha tries to convince Bob to set up a permanent shelter there. Bob insists on finding Maggie; he doesn't want her to endure the loneliness he knows so well. They are at an impasse. Bob does the only thing he can think of — he kisses her. She doesn't pull back. She doesn't reciprocate. Nothing has changed.

With Bob gone, Sasha investigates the warehouse, which is even better than it seems -- the highest level is open and Walker-free. Even on her own, Sasha doesn't allow herself to cry, willing herself to not break down. Outside, she notices Maggie lying amongst corpses. Reaching out, she taps the window, and it crashes to the ground.

Then things happen quickly — Maggie awakes startled, Walkers move towards the commotion, Sasha rushes to help Maggie, Maggie fights off Walkers, Sasha and Maggie kill Walkers together, and they eventually save each other. Saving one another, not going at it alone — that's what it ultimately boils down to. Sasha and Maggie commiserate with one another, sharing grimy skin and clothes as well as conspicuously perfect teeth. More than that, they decide to go to Terminus together after all and pick up Bob along the way. The ladies reunite with Bob, still on the tracks. Together, they march on towards Terminus and the unknown.

Cut to: Glenn reaches out to another map to Terminus, indicating that he and his ragtag crew will also journey to the mysterious sanctuary. They better reunite, or I'm going to be UPSET.

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