The Walking Dead recap: Tempus Fugit

Beth and Daryl go on the hunt for spirit(s). Daryl confronts the man he once was.
Ep. 12 | Aired Mar 2, 2014

ZERO TO HERO | Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) reflects on his past as a drifter who followed his brother's lead. With Beth's support, he finds the strength to continue his evolution into leader and genuine hero. Booze helped, too.

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Surveying through the remnants of the makeshift camp, Beth picks up a commemorative Capitol building spoon. Is it a another subtle hint at the show’s impending shift of location to Washington, DC? The normally pragmatic Daryl grabs a backpack full of cash and jewelry. Before he can answer Beth’s question of his strange behavior, their Walker posse catches up with them, knocking on the club’s door.

Leaving the camp and their groupies behind, the duo move on to the kitchen. Most of the wine and liquor bottles are empty, save for a dusty bottle of red wine placed (of course) at the top of a shelf. Beth grabs it, but alerts a nearby Walker who promptly attacks her. The inevitable struggle leaves only a shattered wine bottle and disappointment in its wake. Having dispatched of the Walker and wine, Beth discovers another room full of corpses with the ominous writing “WELCOME TO THE DOGTROT” written on the wall. Is it just me or do people facing impending death by zombies all have the same handwriting?

The scrappy survivors continue their exploration downstairs, passing a trophy case and pair of fancy clocks a.k.a. time bombs. Daryl looks back at the grandfather clock, which reads “Tempus Fugit.” Tempus Fugit is a Latin expression, which translates to “time flies.” Time flies when you’re trying to survive the Zombiepocalypse!

They reach a gift shop, filled with clean, untouched golf clothes. Daryl doesn’t take anything because Daryl in a polo shirt and golf pants would be way too weird. Fan art of Daryl Dixon in traditional golf attire, however, would be much appreciated. Beth dons a lovely white sweater and yellow polo ensemble, which just screams “Try not to get me dirty! JUST TRY!” Meanwhile, Daryl is still on the hunt for cash and expensive trinkets, pocketing whatever he can find. Displayed in the store, they find a piece of post-apocalyptic mixed media art: the top half of a woman’s corpse impaled onto the bottom half of a mannequin, dressed in a bra, sweater, and pearls labelled with a sign written in lipstick reading “RICH BITCH.” Seeing Beth struggle to take it down, Daryl eventually helps her and covers the corpse display with a blue sheet.

The ticking time bomb/clock goes off, attracting the attention of the no longer dormant Walkers residing in the country club. Daryl fends off a bevy of them, pummeling the last Walker, who was once a white-haired man with an affinity for Kelly green, to a bloody pulp. (FORE!) The bloody pulp sprays all over Beth’s new outfit. That didn’t take long.

At last, they reach the club bar, ransacked but Walker-free. The only alcohol left is peach schnapps because even at the end the club members didn’t want to inflict more torture onto themselves by drinking peach schnapps. Daryl continues his pillaging, taking a random framed document, and then proceeds to play darts, using the photo of former club presidents as his targets. Having maintained her resolve throughout their journey, Beth finally breaks down, leaving the peach schnapps untouched. Daryl throws the bottle on the ground because he ain’t gonna let Beth be a part of your system, maaaan! He doesn’t say that exactly; nevertheless, he has a much better option for Beth’s first drink. Plus, peach schnapps is gross unless there’s about a pound of sugar mixed with it. Onward to the next alcoholic adventure!

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