The Walking Dead recap: Bed Intruders

Rick can't catch a break. Glenn and Tara learn more about the mystery trio.
Ep. 11 | Aired Feb 23, 2014

CRAZY FOR CRAZY CHEESE | Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) bond as they share their feelings over the loss of their loved ones. Michonne reveals she had a son, Andre, and Carl opens up about his grief over Judith.

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Still bruised and battered from his encounter with the Governor, Rick changes his dressings and settles himself on the master bed with a paperback of Selected Short Stories by Jack London. He even changes into a clean(ish) white T-shirt! Ah, finally, Rick Grimes can enjoy some peace and quiet. Ha. Ha ha ha. As if.

Rick lies dead asleep on the bed, making hardly a dent into his book. Men's voices can be heard from downstairs, and it isn't from a TV in the living room. Rick finally awakes to the sound of a man's cries of pain over which other men's voices taunt and laugh. He instinctively reaches from his gun, remembering he gave it to Carl. One of the men makes his way upstairs to search the rooms. Rick grabs his book, watch, and water in a frenzy, ducking under the bed, V for Vendetta-style. A few tense moments pass. Luckily, the intruder doesn’t hear Rick’s shallow breaths or his ticking watch from under the bed. Unluckily, the intruder proceeds to take Rick’s place in bed and take a nap. Rick's life is like one deadly Rickroll.

With Rick still trapped under the bed, another bed intruder moseys into the room, declaring that he wants to sleep in the master bedroom. He complains that the other rooms have "kid's beds," although the bed in the teen's room looked mighty comfortable, especially for post-apocalyptic standards. "It's claimed," grunts Bed Intruder One. (Episode title, natch!) Bed Intruder Two doesn't respond well to this, and they fight. One of the intruders falls to the ground and sees Rick, only to pass out at the strangling hands of the other intruder.

After waiting for Bed Intruder Two to fall asleep, Rick bobs and weaves from room to room, avoiding the intruders. He grabs a trophy from the teen’s room to finish off the unconscious Bed Intruder who saw him. Just as he is about to strike, another intruder heads upstairs to retrieve a weapon. Rick ducks into the bathroom, only to startle another intruder sitting on the toilet.

This all occurs as the intruders discover one of Michonne’s washed shirts. They then call dibs over who has his “turn” with her first. If it wasn't clear before, it is now — these are not good people.

A quiet fight ensues as Rick chokes the Bathroom Intruder to death. Armed with scissors and the intruder’s gun, Rick escapes the bathroom through the window and onto the roof. Before he leaves, he opens the bathroom door, just enough to allow Bathroom Walker to wreak havoc amongst the other intruders. Rick jumps safely onto the conveniently porch below and makes his way towards the front of the house. Granted, it's more than likely Rick would not have survived a fall to the ground, given his fragile health. He awaits by the front porch as he hears the bouncing of a ball. Ball Intruder sits on the porch, eating canned food, whistling, and spitting like the menacing creep he is. Just as Rick wills himself to kill Ball Intruder to ensure his and his family's survival, the Ball Intruder and the others are distracted by the “dead alive prick” that pops up inside the house. Rick runs towards the approaching Carl and Michonne and urges them to run away, back to a life on the road.

Michonne, Rick, and Carl make it to the tracks, unwittingly following the footsteps of Daryl, Beth, Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, Mika, and Judith. They arrive at a sign for Terminus with the same slogan, “Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive survive.” They decide to roll the dice and make their way towards Terminus, leaving behind a trail of Crazy Cheese and questions.

Walker of the week: Walkers roaming the woods are eerie enough, but Walkers emerging from cornfields definitely ups the creep factor another notch. What's scarier — the Walkers of the corn or the Children of the Corn?

Questions to consider:

Since both groups are heading towards Terminus, Michonne, Rick, and Carl must eventually run into Tyreese, Carol, and the girls, right?

If Michonne, Rick, and Carl encountered a Terminus marker, does that mean Daryl and Beth will also find a marker? Would they head that way?

Does Eugene really know what caused the Zombiepocalypse? Even if he did, could he do anything to stop or cure the disease?

I have more questions, but I'm sure you have just as many to consider. There are so many questions, it's almost overwhelming. Ponder the mysteries of life and The Walking Dead in the comments below.

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