The Walking Dead recap: Bed Intruders

Rick can't catch a break. Glenn and Tara learn more about the mystery trio.
Ep. 11 | Aired Feb 23, 2014

CRAZY FOR CRAZY CHEESE | Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) bond as they share their feelings over the loss of their loved ones. Michonne reveals she had a son, Andre, and Carl opens up about his grief over Judith.

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Michonne and Carl

Michonne and Carl do well on their haul, filling bags of various sizes with supplies. Carl remains shut down and aloof — not even the allure of Crazy Cheese brings him out of his shell. (Michonne's face covered in Crazy Cheese will forever be one of my favorite Michonne moments.) She apologizes, stating that she's not very good at making boys his age laugh, unlike toddlers. Then, in as nonchalant a manner as she can muster, she shares, "I had a three-year-old son, and he happened to find me extremely funny."

Pretending that she didn't just drop a major bombshell of a personal revelation on Carl, Michonne proceeds to search for supplies in a new house. Carl barrages her with questions, which she ignores. She then agrees to answer his questions under certain conditions: "One question at a time, one room at a time, and only after we've cleared it."

In the next room, Michonne answers Carl's next question, revealing that her son's name was Andre Anthony. In the hallway, she shares that he was her only child, "a handful" just like Carl. As Carl questions Michonne, she takes in the artwork of the house, reminiscent of her past visit to an art gallery with Mike and Terry. These paintings, however, are images of simple cheer including brightly colored flowers, a cartoon-like dog, and rabbits with bright orange carrots.

Carl then asks her, "When did it happen?" Reining in her emotions, she answers truthfully but cryptically, "It happened after...everything happened." (I hate to say it, but what happened to Andre?) Michonne opening up to Carl, being vulnerable and emotionally open with him, is not only a major step for her character but also a calculated move to encourage Carl to open up himself. Michonne was a mother. That was and still is part of her self-identity. Now, she has the opportunity to utilize those instincts once again.

Michonne uncovers another painting. Unlike the others, this painting is super dark. Michonne checks on the unexplored rooms to see if things got super dark at the house, too. Going through a child's room, she finds the house's original inhabitants dead together in another child's room, this one sickly pink. Carl reunites with Michonne, just as she shuts the door to the pink room. He immediately jumps to the conclusion that there’s a dead baby inside, confirming Judith is ever-present in his mind. Carl offers, “Maybe her and Andre are together somewhere.” Michonne smiles and nods — not necessarily because she believes him but because he's commiserating with her. Michonne and Carl will never have the relationship that Michonne and Andre or Lori and Carl would have had, but in such a cruel world, this is their acknowledgment of how lucky they are to have found one another.

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