The Walking Dead recap: Bed Intruders

Rick can't catch a break. Glenn and Tara learn more about the mystery trio.
Ep. 11 | Aired Feb 23, 2014

CRAZY FOR CRAZY CHEESE | Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) bond as they share their feelings over the loss of their loved ones. Michonne reveals she had a son, Andre, and Carl opens up about his grief over Judith.

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Abraham checks the truck, confirming that it's out of commission. He asks Eugene how he could possibly take out the military vehicle when a camel filled with C4 couldn't do the job for the same type of vehicle back in the war. (Wait, what? Abraham definitely has some stories to tell.) Eugene chalks it up to his "fully amped up state and ignorance of rapid firing weapons." Wow. Who are these people? Eventually, Rosita, Eugene, and Abraham — in that order — decide to accompany Glenn and Tara on their mission to find Maggie. They'll tag along until they can find another vehicle to take them to Washington DC.

While I like Abraham and don't know enough about Rosita to form an opinion, I am already suspicious of Eugene. It's his bland smile that worries me. It reminds me of the Tleilaxu from Dune who hide a formidable, sinister intellect behind a bland, boring face. Then again, how smart can a scientist with a mullet be? Or am I being hair-biased?

The House

Meanwhile, back in suburbia, it's breakfast time at the Grimes-Whatever Is Michonne's Last Name household. Michonne and Carl enjoy a hearty meal of dry cereal and water, but they are still in good spirits after reuniting. Michonne wishes for soy milk, which launches Carl into an animated story of trying and hating his lactose intolerant friend’s soy milk during lunch in the third grade. He seems happier than he's been in awhile — until he stops short as he mentions Judith. (We know she's alive, but Carl, Rick, and Michonne still assume she died back at the Prison.) One mention of her and Carl is back to being a young man of few words.

After breakfast, Rick thanks Michonne for cheering up Carl. Rick confesses that Carl needs her, as he "can't be his father and his best friend." Michonne is up for the task, having gone through a trial by fire — or Walkers — to realize she wants to be part of a family again. As she pointedly states, she is "done taking breaks." This scene would have been more poignant if it weren't for the dichotomy between Michonne in a newly found crisp, clean button-down shirt and Rick still in his rags from the Prison. He really never changes his shirt, does he?

Nonetheless, this group promises the start of something new (Sorry to use a High School Musical phrase) that I'm excited to see develop. They decide to stay at the house as they figure out their next move. Michonne and Carl leave to gather more supplies. Rick stays behind at Michonne's insistence, and let's face it, he needs the rest. He hands over his gun to Carl, ensuring Carl can waste all of their remaining bullets.

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