The Voice recap: It's Time to Play the Music!

Who needs the Top 6 when there are Muppets in the Voicebox?
Ep. 26 | Aired Nov 27, 2012

COLOR US ENTERTAINED Tickled pink, even!

Tyler Golden/NBC

Other nice surprises tonight: Amanda finally got a chance to relax in the Sprint Skybox as one of the first contestants declared to be safe. (Undoubtedly, this was the first time someone has actually enjoyed a stay in the Sprint Skybox.) Adam resisted the urge to spin something Blake said into a premature ejaculation joke. Cee Lo's Magic Moment looks pretty delightful, primarily due to the involvement of yet more Muppets. Blake Shelton's Not-So-Family Christmas seems charming too, though I won't be content until he and Adam make a Hope and Crosby-style Road To... movie.

But oh, I'm really going to miss Cody and his pompadour. When he toned down his mannerisms and stopped peacocking, he proved that there's a solid set of pipes beneath all that bravado. And if nothing else,the confessional segments are going to be a lot duller now that he's gone. Sorry, Cassadee; "Flatulence could send me home!" just isn't as funny as claiming that your pre-show ritual is looking at yourself in the mirror. (And you just know that what Cody said was Dez's real ritual as well.)

Do you think that the right folks went home tonight -- or did voters miss the mark by ousting Dez and Cody? How do you think Christina will cope with not having a single singer in the semi-semi-finals? Which member of the Top 6 do you want to win, and which one do you think is most likely to win? Do you even still care about who wins the damn show, despite everything Adam and Cee Lo and Christina said tonight? If not, what do you say we just forget about The Voice for awhile and watch some fun vintage Muppet videos instead? Here, I'll get the ball rolling:

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