The Voice recap: Let The Storm Rage On

Balloons, chandeliers, and gigantic cowboy hats decorate the Top Five performances as they take the stage.
Ep. 23 | Aired May 12, 2014

Tyler Golden/NBC

Christina Grimmie
Song #1: Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek”
Song #2: fun.’s “Some Nights”

A lot of times on reality singing competitions, we hear people say, “This is a huge risk,” when really it’s not actually a huge risk, it’s just someone singing Whitney. But I can genuinely say that Christina Grimmie trying to sing with a vocoder on That Song From When Trey Got Shot on The OC is really the biggest risk I’ve seen on one of these shows, save for Blake Lewis’s beatbox breakdown on Idol in 2007.

Christina’s performance is not only gorgeously staged and sung, but it’s one of those memorable moments that you won’t be able to forget (even though there's just one week left and we'll likely forget it by next Wednesday). It wasn't her most incredible vocal, but it was a tease at what Christina could do as a full-fledged artist. I want to say that Christina is the only contestant who is just as gifted if not more so than Josh Kaufman, and if I have my way, they’ll face off in the finale, but not before giving us the best duet in the history of the show. (Sorry for the hyperbole—I hate exaggeration MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.)

Her “Some Nights” is more of a standard Christina entry, made better by her rocking a disco pantsuit! (If Judith Light was on The Partridge Family…) “Some Nights” is one of those songs that I haven’t gotten tired of, even after all this time, but Christina manages to do something slightly different and exciting with it, which is all we can ask for.

I'd like to put my support behind Christina (although I wish she didn’t just shout “Yeah, Jersey!” after her second song). And really, since she got a billion balloons to fall after her performance, is it safe to say that the producers want Christina to win, too? Compared to Josh, she probably has more potential to be a universal entertainer...but I love Josh so much! I'm so conflicted. In a post-Ariana Grande world, will Christina be able to break in? Will Josh fade into coffeehouse obscurity? Better get Ryan Tedder to write you both some songs!

Other thoughts:

-This Blake-Adam prank war is getting kind of old, guys. Adam’s hair is awful, we can all agree, but Blake’s “truck” being “trashed” was just the most ridiculous. I don’t buy any of it.

-Shakira’s tiara? Looks like SHE’S the queen, am I right? #Frozen

-Usher really doesn’t care about being on this show, does he? Look alive, Ush. At least pretend to be interested in what’s going on.

-I really used a lot of Disney references in this recap, didn't I? Oops.

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