The Voice recap: Great Fiery Wrecking Balls

The top three singers deliver a trio of go-big-or-go-home performances, and someone even sets fire to the stage. Literally, though.
Ep. 25 | Aired May 20, 2014

Jake Worthington
Also Known As: “The Country Teddy Bear,” “The Boy You Want Your Daughter to Marry,” “America’s Most Pinchable Cheeks,” “Mini Blake”

We finally arrive at Jake Worthington, who has proven himself to be a talented performer on stage and a very humble, winning guy off stage. If this show was called The Personality or The Most Likely to Bring Back Chivalry, then sure, Jake would have walked away with the competition back in week four. But it’s The Voice, and Jake certainly could fill a gap in the modern country music scene, even if he doesn’t appear as ready for the spotlight as the other two. If Jake were to win, he could Carrie Underwood this whole thing, especially with Papa Blake by his side. If Jake doesn’t win, I doubt Blake and him will lose touch anyway.

Jake’s first song “Don’t Close Your Eyes” is so mature and beautiful, I kind of want to tear up, even though the lyrics don’t really mean anything to me. Jake seemed to transcend his own age tonight, sounding far wiser beyond his years. Plus, we got some nice juicy shots of the makeup caked on his cheeks like French tart. It’s lovely.

Before his second song, we get a glimpse into my favorite relationship of the season, that between Jake and Blake. There’s a tender father-son love there, but other vibes I get include cool uncle and slightly less cool nephew, bartender and boy scout, Hobbes and Calvin, and Hank and Bobby Hill. I don’t think Jake’s performance of “Right Here Waiting” was as mature as his first song, though. In fact, it was a little boring, but as I said, Christina had her dull moment, so I suppose this was Jake’s.

The final number for Jake is his duet with Blake, “A Country Boy Can Survive.” I will say it right now: I love this song. Yes, I, Marc, a Los Angelino whose favorite thing about country is the stitching in the denim, really like this song. I don’t connect with this ‘catfish’ or ‘whiskey’ nonsense but this song just reeks of COOL. And Jake and Blake combine their swagger powers like the Wonder Twins, except instead of rings they touch belt buckles and instead of bowl cuts they have buzz cuts and instead of saying “Wonder Twins Powers, Activate!” they just spit into a bucket.

It’s a fun if low-energy way for Jake to end the night, and so I wonder if he vocally delivered the momentum he might have needed to get all the votes he wasn’t already guaranteed from his loyal fans. Or maybe because he wasn’t incredible tonight, he’ll get love from fans who don’t typically cast their vote? It could go either way. Because neither one has been in the bottom three, we know next to nothing about Jake and Josh’s popularity—that’s why this finale could go either way!

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