The Voice recap: Great Fiery Wrecking Balls

The top three singers deliver a trio of go-big-or-go-home performances, and someone even sets fire to the stage. Literally, though.
Ep. 25 | Aired May 20, 2014

Josh Kaufman
Also Known As: “The Soulful Family Man,” “Scruffy Jason Mraz,” “Button Nose,” “Baby Zach Galifianakis,” “Jack Osbourne But Not As Lannister-y”

I’m not sure what else can be said of Josh that hasn’t already been gushed before. He’s an incredible talent with unbelievable vocal chops, and he has stage presence and personality to boot. He’s got style and heart, and a family, and great hair, and those cute little glasses that scream “I’m wearing these because I need them but I also don’t not want to talk about artisanal candles with you.”

Josh kicks off his night with “Every Breath You Take,” a duet he sings with Usher on a stage scattered with enough clouds to make Aladdin and Jasmine jealous. In perfect harmony, Josh and Usher’s voices blend together like the Jamba Juice of my dreams, and I would even say that Usher (in Plain White Tee by Hanes) commands more attention than Josh (in the H&M by Jake Worthington collection). Bonus points when Usher tries to forge a physical connection with Josh on the lyrics. “I’ll be watching you,” he says with his gestures. And he means it—Usher, who partially conceived of the wild Pokemon that is Justin Bieber, vows to work with Josh again in his career, and if he makes good on that promise, we could see Josh emerge as a Chris Daughtry type, who surpassed Idol winners even without winning.

But oh, Josh should win. His second performance is his fan choice “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” which was the song he performed before Usher’s steal. It’s also a practically perfect performance, and reminds us that Josh has that signature soulful thing going on for him that isn’t really represented on the radio today (yes, Sam Smith, I know you’re here, and I do love you). It’s pretty uncanny—Josh has such a distinguished voice that has an undeniable soul sound, but doesn’t sound like an imitation of anyone. And while Christina and Jake both fumbled in their second songs, Josh kept the momentum going.

Finally, we reach Josh’s third song—and it’s ADELE. And it’s the final number of the whole season. And Josh is on his knees singing in the middle of the stage dressed in flowing white surrounded by RAGING FIRE and SOLID WHITE EVERYTHING and EIGHT FURIOUS FEVERISH VIOLIN PLAYERS and EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING ALL AT ONCE and I CAN’T BREATHE because it’s just so magnificent if a liiiiittle bit overblown. Let me recuperate for a second. Is there any chance that Josh doesn’t have it in the bag after this finale? What a finale! I mean, it was really low-key, but still. I would be utterly shocked—shocked, I tell you, shocked!—if Josh doesn’t win, especially after that (perhaps a little over-the-top) extravaganza.

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