The Voice recap: Great Fiery Wrecking Balls

The top three singers deliver a trio of go-big-or-go-home performances, and someone even sets fire to the stage. Literally, though.
Ep. 25 | Aired May 20, 2014

Christina Grimmie
Also Known As: “YouTube Sensation,” “The Voice presents ‘The Youth Demo,’” or “Anna Kendrick Drawn in the Style of The Chipmunks”

Christina emerged right out of the gate as a major contender. And when I say right out of the gate, I genuinely mean that she was legitimately the first singer on this entire season, and she turned all four chairs. It’s no surprise that she made it to the final three, even as she faltered a bit and lost steam in the early weeks. But she picked herself up with exciting arrangements, risky choices, and the vocal groundwork to stand behind both. Though I hate to say it, she was also one of the season’s most glamorous contestants, if you can believe it. In a way, Christina was and is perfectly packaged for the pop music machine, so her post-Voice destiny is likely the same whether she wins or loses. We were either always destined to hear about Christina Grimmie, or we never were.

Onto the music. Christina’s fan choice is “Wrecking Ball,” her blind audition song, which she has now dedicated to the viewers who came through and saved her last week when she unceremoniously fell into the bottom. The lyrics don’t really feel appropriate to dedicate to America, but then again, she was in the bottom, so “All you ever did was wreck me” could work on some meta-emotional levels and “I never meant to start a war” could kind of be construed as a vague reference to the unavoidably ideological dialogic properties of Twitter.

Her performance was great, as we would expect. It had enough variance to stand out from her audition rendition (hot and fresh out the kitchen) but I’ve also heard a thousand covers of “Wrecking Ball,” so it’s not the most exciting choice. But hey, you fans picked it, so enjoy! I did. I wonder if Christina and Miley will ever have sleepovers together. I bet they would. I don’t think they’d invite Taylor, though. I bet they just get a weird vibe, you know?

Christina’s second song is the duet with Adam Levine, rehearsal of which includes some really hilarious and random punctuation from Adam doing his best verklempt Linda Richman. The song, “Somebody That I Used to Know,” is one of my least favorite because of how frequently it was overplayed in its heyday (you listening, “Royals”?!?!), and Adam and Christina don’t do anything particularly inventive—it’s as creepy as ever—but Christina has some nice high notes, and Adam is always perfect in my eyes, so yeah, I’ll allow it.

Ooh, but when I hear Christina’s third choice is “Can’t Help Falling in Love”—one of the best Elvis songs that was actually brought into existence if only to be dissected by an incredible singer like Christina—I get chills. My spine perks up. My goosebumps rise like a time-lapse of bread dough at a Subway. During Christina’s performance, I gasped three separate times at her choices. Lord knows that Christina is not going to win this competition, just purely based on the mathematics that Jake and Josh haven’t been in the bottom, but jeez, some label needs to pick her up now. I want an entire album of covers. And I want covers of those covers. Christina, THAT is how you end an individual run on The Voice! Let me CAPITALIZE more WORDS to EXPRESS my ENTHUSIASM!!! You go, Glen Coco.

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