The Voice recap: A Brothers Walker to Remember

The third night of blind auditions finally provides some worthy contenders, including an identical twin double act and a back-up singer who gets a superstar endorsement.
Ep. 03 | Aired Mar 3, 2014

WALK IT OUT The Walker brothers (or Brothers Walker, as they prefer to be called) are the hippest double act to hit network television since Tia and Tamera.


Sam Behymer, 25, Morgan Mill, TX
Day Job: Nanny
Backstory: Has a college degree in English literature and if The Voice doesn’t work she’ll be a librarian
Looks Like: Aubrey Plaza if she was “a Marnie”
Song: “Royals” – Lorde
What is this song? I’ve never heard it before. Just kidding. Adam turns around surprisingly quickly, even though Sam doesn’t really do anything out of the ordinary yet. In fact, she’s a little weird. Usher turns. Am I missing something? She does well with some second-half ohs, but she’s still being weird. I don’t really understand. Adam fights for her, Usher sort of thinks she might be an English artist (has there been a Brit on the show?). Sam picks Team Adam after he says she sounds like nobody else he’s ever heard.
Usher Says: “I don’t think she really understood the value of what I could offer her.”
I’m: Over it

Before the next major contestant, we get a whole bunch of rejects, including a really sexy guy in a denim shirt and a girl named Aaleliah, neither of whom can sing. At all.

Brendan Ryan, 24, Braintree, MA
Cute Meter: 6.5 with a 2.5 talent boost
Hidden Ability: Comedy and musical improvisation
We Need to Talk About: That v-neck
Song: “Love on Top” – Beyoncé
Oh man. This guy. I kind of really enjoy this guy, and I can even look behind his dumb hat and unfortunate Two First Names. Nobody gives him a shot, though. His voice is definitely not a reflection of what he looks like, and when the coaches finally turn around after the shut-out, they’re all pretty shocked. Poor dude. Blake admits he missed one, so maybe we’ll see Brendan again if the coaches need to go back to wildcards this year.
Adam Says: “People think I’m a girl all the time. Embrace it.”

Cody and Clint Walker, 26, Bernie, MO
OMG They Are: Identical twins
Backstory: Performed with Johnny Cash at age 7
Day Jobs: Math teacher and audio engineer
Song: “Keep Me in Mind” – Zac Brown Band
Blake looks like he loves it. He loves a good duet, and especially a country-tinged one. But he doesn’t turn -- instead, it’s Usher at the last second. There’s something super charming about the Brothers Walker performance, and they’re actually not half bad. Harmonies are on point, and those clothes! Vests and cardigans for DAYS! Another by default goes to Team Usher.
Adam Says: “Are you guys twins or just like really good friends?”

Clarissa Serna, 27, Corpus Christi, TX
Day Job: Works for her parents in real estate
Volunteers At: Local afternoon musical group called Chicas Rock!
Starbucks Drink of Choice: Ice water
Song: “Zombie” – The Cranberries
I really dig her smoky eyes, and Sha-na-na-kira pretends to air drum during the audition because she loves the song. Adam turns around; Shakira follows suit, then Blake, and finally Usher, bringing us to our second four-chair turnaround. Clarissa can really go any way, since she doesn’t particularly echo just one genre. The tension’s so high that we get a commercial break before Clarissa opts for her Latina soul sister on Team Shakira.
Blake Says: “Man, I’m getting sick of Shakira.”

Shakira also picks up pop singer Lindsay Pagano (who sang “Lady Marmalade” -- don’t know why we can’t hear that instead of weird “Royals” girl, but whatever). Adam gets soul singer Joshua Howard, and Usher snags pop vocalist Tanner James, whom he calls a diamond in the rough. Aww.

NEXT: A mailman sings!

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