The Voice recap: Moz Likely to Succeed

Adam and Shakira narrow their teams down to three. No losses are truly shocking, but new frontrunners emerge after a packed night.
Ep. 15 | Aired Apr 14, 2014

MOZ DANGEROUS GAME: Got any more 'most' puns? They'll be coming in handy all season long, as Dani Moz has emerged as a serious contender to watch after a memorable Lady Gaga performance.


In keeping with my theme of disliking people on Team Adam, we come to number four, Morgan Wallen, the Paul Dano type who is worthy of his spot here in the playoffs but certainly not a must-have for the live shows.

Morgan follows suit for the evening in terms of delivering probably his best performance yet, but what Morgan suffers from is Bored Resting Face. He’s singing the notes and going through the motions and the crowd is swaying back and forth because groupthink is still a prevalent issue in this country, but Morgan just doesn’t look like he’s in it to win it, and you can tell that the coaches think the same thing.

Usher does bring up a smart point that Morgan should have been singing country music all along (he does sound rather Creed-like, doesn’t he?) but, as with Patrick, it’s just too little to change at this late in the game. And besides, Morgan didn’t stand a chance to make it to the live shows. I’ve eaten Lembas bread that was more interesting than Morgan.

Alas, it’s time to be nice again, because this trend is growing old. The fifth slot on Team Adam is Christina Grimmie, and she ends the night exactly the way you might hope. Now, going into the evening, I thought Christina had lost some of her momentum since her promising audition, and I still stand by that, but by gosh, she definitely gained it back this week, just like she needed to.

Closing out the night, this “Internet sensation from New Jersey” (coincidentally also my bar mitzvah theme) earned a place back at the top of the pack as a potential frontrunner for the competition. Her performance was fantastic on all fronts, but the best thing about it? It was exciting. And it was electric. In Christina I see a magazine-ready performer who’s already well-prepared to open for a major pop star on tour. She also kind of reminds me of Ariana Grande except a little less like a Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

What does the future hold for Christina? With her train running full steam going into the live rounds, she’ll have to deliver two equally strong performances in the first few weeks to really solidify her place as a frontrunner, but if she can sustain the train, she’ll be one of the hottest to watch this season.

ELIMINATION TIME arrives, and Adam plucks Christina first, highlighting her as the best of the night, then Delvin, and then Kat. We say goodbye to Jake and Morgan, who can at least share a cab back to the airport and maybe grab some Taco Bell on the way.

Tuesday, we arrive at the final battle-playoff-knockout-lightning-bonus round of the season before we get to the first real live show. Who are you looking forward to seeing on Team Usher? See you back here tomorrow, my sweet babies.

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