The Voice recap: Stealing The Suspense

Three solid battles fill a truncated hour, and all the excitement of a big steal is ruined by incessant promos
Ep. 08 | Aired Mar 18, 2014

STEAL OR NO STEAL Adam Levine makes a wise save after making an earlier fumble by choosing a less than exciting song for two artists who, frankly, could have done better.

Trae Patton/NBC

Suddenly, we don’t even get to see Blake’s battle of “Nashville rocker Megan Ruger” and “pop singer Ria Eaton” (spoiler alert: Megan won), nor Shakira’s battle between “soul artist Ddendyl” and “pop artist Lindsay Pagano” (spoiler again: Ddendyl wins), nor Usher’s pairing of “twin country duo Brothers Walker” against “indie rocker Morgan Wallen” (winner: Morgan).

I don’t understand why we couldn’t see those three performances, considering that this entire episode is just three battles to begin with. That’s an entire episode we just skipped! As a viewer who wants to see these artists evolve, how can I possibly engage with Megan, Ddendyl or Morgan if I'm barely allowed to glimpse their performances? And if they're not making it through the battle rounds, isn't that a dead giveaway already? It’s one thing to pass over certain auditions, fine, but the move to ignore these battles struck me as plain wrong (unless the songs were, what, bad?). Boo to this choice.

Brittnee Camelle vs. Melissa Jimenez
“The nursing student with the big voice” vs. “the fiery R&B singer”

Remember Brittnee, who lost a scholarship for the audition? And remember Melissa, who looks like she just walked straight out of a Paula Abdul video? The song they get is “Give It To Me Right” by Melanie Fiona, a song I have definitely never heard before but will definitely be adding to my summer tanning playlist. In rehearsal, Melissa is a little intimidated and anxious, while Brittnee seems pretty cool and collected.

At battle time, my eye is drawn to Brittnee, but Melissa does pretty well keeping up and, dare I say, possibly out-singing her (I can’t get over her look though -- this girl is straight up Gloria Estefan ‘90s!!!). Brittnee picks up and essentially they’re both, well, the exact same vocal type. At one point I looked away from my TV and had no idea who was even singing.

The coaches echo what I’m saying, and it could genuinely go either way. Usher regrets the pairing, as he wants to keep both, but that’s silly because they are practically the same singer. The winner is Melissa (good choice), but Adam and Shakira both ring in to steal, which would have been a bigger surprise if we hadn’t been teased to death during the episode that a steal was inevitably going to happen tonight. Brittnee chooses Adam, and I’m actually stoked to see how he takes advantage of the talent.

And with that, we’re halfway done with the battles! Weigh in: were they more up your alley than the lukewarm blinds? Will next week’s be totally bonkers?

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