The Voice recap: Third Time's a Charm

The remaining three artists give their final performances, revisit their blind audition songs, and perform with their coaches
Ep. 26 | Aired Dec 16, 2013

SIRENS' SONG Christina Aguilera and Jacquie Lee sing "We Remain" from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack.


And the final performances...

TEAM ADAM: Tessanne Chin
The song: “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston (watch below)
The performance: Cue total freakout. Why hasn't she sung Whitney earlier? So singularly sublime, I have nothing to else to say about this performance. Except that she ought to win this competition right this instant.
The feedback: "I don’t have thoughts right now, I just have emotions," said Adam. "We gave you the biggest challenge there is...You’re just capable of anything and it blows me away. I know in my mind and in my heart that you are the winner of this show," he added.

TEAM ADAM: Will Champlin
The song: “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” by Bryan Adams
The performance: I loved this. Will didn't overdo it on the vocals, he let the melody shine through, and seemed more emotionally connected at this point than the entire season combined. If you didn't tear up when he serenaded his wife and baby in the stands during the final verse, then consider your stubborn tear ducts proof that you are a cold, heartless, mountain troll.
The feedback: "This is a huge, massive victory, especially considering all the crap that you had to deal with on the show," said Adam. "It was solid all the way through," said Blake Shelton.

The song: “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” Jennifer Hudson version (originally by Jennifer Holliday)
The performance: Totally overrated. Aside from the pyrotechnics and dramatic key lighting, this wasn't a bright spot for me. Yes, that final, lung-busting note she held was impressive, but it didn't move me the way Team Adam's last performances did.
The feedback: Though she began saying, "I’m completely speechless," Christina delivered another whirling, rambling speech about how awesome Jacquie is, mentioning that she's only 16 about 17 times. "That was amazing," said Blake. "This is one of the best coach artist pairings I’ve ever seen."

Parting Thoughts:
-Did this feel like a finale (well, Part 1) for you? I thought for once that the gravity and finality of the episode was matched by the performances and song choices. Nostalgia all the way.
-Was it a teensy bit unnerving that Adam declared Tessanne the winner even though his other student, Will, was waiting in the wings to perform next?
-Who do you guys think will take it all tomorrow night?

Sound off in the comments!

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