The Voice recap: Green Eggs and Adam

The final five singers perform; Adam Levine invites his team over for a breakfast powwow
Ep. 24 | Aired Dec 9, 2013

DON'T FALL ASLEEP! Or you'll miss Tessanne Chin's emphatic performance of Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water."


The song: "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan
The performance: “This is a moment for her to be inspirational," said Christina of the late '90s ethereal pop tune. But Jacquie -- bless her old-soul-teenage-heart -- overdid it. She hit the high notes and the runs, but struck out on the emotional core. Never mind that she's in high school, I didn't buy it. Her wail-y performance felt like a talent show recital and not the grand, conversation-ending, heartrending moment Christina framed it to be.
The feedback: Did we watch the same show? Christina called it "the best vocal performance that you’ve ever done." She praised Jacquie's humble homage to McLachlan - saying she sang it in a “in a non-boastful and sincere way."

TEAM BLAKE: Cole Vosbury
The song: "Shameless" by Billy Joel
The performance: Big Beard (Blake Shelton) takes his little beard (Cole) to a barbershop, where artist-less Coach Cee Lo offers up his support. While I don't find Cole wildly offensive, I'm suffering from just decent fatigue. It's not his fault he's not a powerhouse belter, but this is the semifinals -- where are his vocal big guns? This was just pleasant coffee-shop fare for me.
The feedback: "I think you just now figured out who you are,” said Coach Blake, reminiscing on how an early-season Cole lacked a singing identity.

TEAM ADAM: Tessanne Chin
The song: "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Simon and Garfunkel
The performance: Just sublime. I was waiting for someone to jolt me awake and this was it. I'd place it right next to, or even slightly above, Matthew Schuler's "Hallelujah." Performing amid a thick carpet of smoke and illuminated by a moonlight-like beam, Tessanne looked like a deity on that stage. And Adam's anguished face... did she bring him to tears?
The feedback: "I've never been speechless on this show before," said Adam. "I'm happy for you," said Blake.

Parting Thoughts:
-Was Tessanne's final, sustained note the best note of the whole season?
-Is anyone tired of the endless and hokey coach impressions? The Sing-Off's Nick Lachey attempted to imitate Blake Shelton's southern drawl and it just fell flat.
-Now that there are no more instant saves left, do you guys have final thoughts on whether it was a positive or negative addition?
-Do you think Adam really cooked those scrambled eggs?
-What were your favorite performances of the night?

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