The Voice recap: Double Feature, Anyone?

The remaining six singers perform two songs each -- a personal choice and a coach's choice
Ep. 22 | Aired Dec 2, 2013

THE HIGHER THE HAIR... The closer to a heavenly voice? Tessanne Chin sings Bob Marley's "Redemption Song."


TEAM ADAM: James Wolpert
1. Dedication song: "Fell In Love With A Girl" by The White Stripes, for his dad
The performance: I was really excited to hear James sing this, as it's totally in his wheelhouse. But his version fell flat for me. It showcased the shouty, raw parts of his voice, and it lacked a melodic quality. I think this was a case of him gilding the lily. Also, different glasses alert!
The feedback: His coach Adam pointed out that James messed up in the middle, but Adam still enjoyed his version: "This was kind of a different thing and it felt nice."

2. Coach's choice: "I'd Do Anything For Love" by Meatloaf
The performance: Clearly, Adam is trying to emulate the epic success of last week's glamtastic "Somebody to Love" cover. And who could blame him? This performance was miles better than his dedication song. James put his theater background and that wonderfully weird warble to good use.
The feedback: Adam informed us that James isn't even performing at 100% -- apparently he's sick. "You really do embody the rock opera," said Cee Lo.

1. Coach's choice: "Cry Baby" by Janis Joplin
The performance: You can't accuse Christina of not challenging her students with song choices. Jacquie was worried her youthfulness will play against her in this song of heartbreak -- “It's a hard concept to grasp because I’ve never experienced love.” (How sweet.) But onstage, you really couldn't tell. She sang this song like it was a demon that must be expectorated from her lungs. During those "Cry baby" runs I was worried she'd break herself by overextending her vocal chords. As powerful it was to listen to and watch, my only complaint is that the high-register chorus became grating to listen to after a while.
The feedback: Christina said she was proud, strutting her stuff onstage to show that a fallen mic symbolized how Jacquie left her own heart there. Cee Lo said Jacquie's performance was "truly amazing" and called Christina's song choices "the most dynamic variety."

2. Dedication song: "The Voice Within" by Christina Aguilera, for Christina Aguilera
The performance: Jacquie sings this one for her mentor. Does she do it justice? It doesn't approximate the greatness of Christina's original (who could?), but Jacquie's sweet sentiment behind it and her storehouse of never-ending runs more than make up for it.
The feedback: Christina gave an impassioned speech about the meaning behind the song, about "the struggle to find yourself in this business so young." She talked about how she wrote it when she was in her early 20s and how Jacquie reminds her of her younger self. "I just see so many things for you in the future," she said.

What did you guys thing of this episode? What were your favorite performances? Did Matthew redeem himself? Did Tessanne do a better "Unconditionally" than Katy Perry? Was Christina's dress too low-cut? Should Cole have kept his hat on? Did you like the double feature format? Sound off in the comments!

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