The Voice recap: All Bent Out of Shape

The Top 10 artists perform; Coach Cee Lo and Coach Christina have some unusual cross-training methods for their students
Ep. 18 | Aired Nov 18, 2013

WE ARE FAM-UH-LY The Top 10 like each other. They really like each other.


TEAM CEE LO: Kat Robichaud
The song: "We Belong" by Pat Benatar
The performance: Cee Lo picks the perfect song for Kat. He has reason to be extra careful with his coaching, as Kat had to be instant-saved by America last week. "I do not want you in the bottom three ever again,” Cee Lo says. How does he ensure this? By raising the bar, literally. In her rehearsals, we get a glimpse of how the choreography and stage blocking comes together. Cee Lo wants her performance to be of "epic proportions," so he proposes she end on top of the grand piano, carried by her army of male dancers, of course. Onstage, she didn't need the theatrics. He picked the right song to showcase her raspy rocker runs and her Pink-like power vocals.
The feedback: Cee Lo said, "I think we did everything right; it's really important to immortalize an ideal... it lives forever" (speaking in general of stage performances). Adam said "this was finally the Kat we were all waiting to see."

TEAM CHRISTINA: Matthew Schuler
The song: "Beneath Your Beautiful" by Labrinth and Emeli Sandé
The performance: After last week's Leonard Cohen choice, I was really expecting Christina to hit it out of the park with another brilliant pick. This choice was pretty lackluster. Her m.o. was to show a softer, more gentle side of Matthew, advising him to "be that guy that every girl wants to fall in love with" by picking a more sensuous tune. What didn't work was Matthew's choppy transition from very soft singing to his usual power vocal. The opening verse was a little too quiet and it made me antsy for Matthew's usual dynamic range.
The feedback: Even so, the crowd goes wild and won't pipe down long enough for Christina to comment, "It just lights up… They don’t even care what I have to say." She added, “When you perform, I don’t even write notes." Referring to Matthew's skeptical romantic preface, Adam says, "Finding that future wife, not gonna be a problem for you, man.” Agreed.

What did you all think of Monday night's performances? My standouts were Tessanne and Kat. For Matthew, I was wondering which song was going to make me cry next, but I was surprised that he didn't blow me away this week. Was it the poor song choice? The lack of his indie-rock safety net? Pre-eliminations, can you guys predict who'll be in the bottom three? Sound off in the comments!

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