The Voice recap: You're Like A Wrecking Ball

Artists from Team Christina and Team Cee Lo perform in the second night of live rounds
Ep. 14 | Aired Nov 5, 2013

SINGING TO THE VOTING MASSES Jonny Gray sings The Verve's "Bitter Sweet Symphony."


TEAM CHRISTINA: Stephanie Anne Johnson
The song: "Georgia On My Mind" by Ray Charles
The performance: I wasn't a huge fan of Stephanie Anne's last Norah Jones performance, but she toned down the overabundant vocal quirks for this one and I think when she sings simply -- well, her version of simply -- she's at her best. But sometimes she has this genre-switching issue mid-song, where it sounds like a diva just morphed into a singer-songwriter -- and the result is distracting.
The feedback: Cee Lo enjoyed her vocal assertiveness and command. Adam liked how she "opened it up and kind of changed it." Christina praised her versatility and even had Stephanie display a little operatic soprano run.

TEAM CHRISTINA: Matthew Schuler
The song: "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus
The performance: Surprise, it's Miley Cyrus week at The Voice! If there's anyone that can transform a song into something completely original and different, it's Matthew Schuler. He tackles another female vocal and totally blew me away. I loved hearing the softer sides of his voice and then his trademark transcendent runs. Christina explains to Matthew why she chose this song: "because you are a wrecking ball!" Duh, that's called logic. The crowd went wild for Matthew's performance and deservedly so.
The feedback: Finally we get some vitriol, albeit fake vitriol. "I hate you, I hate you so much," jokes Cee Lo. "Three hearts just broke," said Adam. "You light a fire under me to make my team even better," he added. "Forget you, man," said Blake. And it seems even Christina was too engrossed in Matthew's amazing performance to jot down notes because all she could muster was another rehash of the "Wrecking Ball" lyrics.

The song: "I Put a Spell On You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins
The performance: The youngest artist in the competition really threw me for a loop with this performance. She may still be a kid, but she sang like a fully realized diva. That last note she sustained was too good. Her song also had the crowd giving rapturous applause.
The feedback: "Oh my God, Jackie, dang," said Cee Lo. Christina said she was honored to be her coach.

What did you think of tonight's performances? Anyone else tired of the overly nice commentary? Who was your favorite performer? (Mine were Jacquie and Matthew.) Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Voice fans: Stick with EW this week as we give you the chance to pick each of the finalists' official photos after the Top 12 is revealed on Thursday. Your favorite pictures will be featured on! Stay tuned...

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