The Voice recap: Stealing the Show

In week two of the battle rounds, the coaches use their steals to save some surprising talent
Ep. 09 | Aired Apr 22, 2013

ON BENDED KNEE Jessica Childress and Vedo join hands to hit the final notes in Bruno Mars' "Locked Out of Heaven."


The song: "Little White Church" by Little Big Town
The battle: Here, Blake takes a rocker and a country darling and gives them a good ol' country tune. In the first rehearsal, Blake warns Jacqui to watch her "growl," to which Jacqui makes some excuse about how her age and touring experience have made her lose her voice. It doesn't fly with me. Regardless, Savannah has her struggles as well when she tries to keep up with the song's tempo. A self-proclaimed ballad singer, Savannah is out of her wheelhouse. And based on Jacqui's tattoos and piercings, I think it's safe to say both girls are facing a challenge.
When show time rolls around, the "singing ballerina" and "young country hopeful" (Thanks for those titles, Carson) take the stage in a "fun" performance of the fast-paced tune. Despite Jacqui's touring experience, I think Savannah does a better job of really getting into the song. And Adam agrees with me when he calls her victory jump "the cutest thing ever." The coaches all agree that they had fun, but Savannah appears to be the favorite.
The verdict: It's no surprise that Blake goes with Savannah, but what is surprising is the fact that Jacqui then calls him "Blakey." Honey, you might have a nose piercing, but Miranda Lambert has a rifle. Just sayin'.

*Usher gives Blake a dance lesson. Best performance of the night? I think so.

The song: "It Will Rain" by Bruno Mars
The battle: Shakira pairs this C. Perkins fellow we've never met with the man who sounds like a woman (and knows how to kill a Whitney Houston song). The duo are handed the night's second Bruno Mars song, which immediately presents a challenge for C. Is that his first name? I'm confused.
When the guys start rehearsing, Joel Madden is quick to point out the obvious: "Everybody loves a guy that can sing like a girl, amirite?" You are right, Joel. And that doesn't help C.'s (this name is killing me) confidence. And it also doesn't help that C. is sounding a little pitchy. Luckily, by the time the battle rolls around, C. has stopped trying to out-sing Kris. Instead, he takes a smooth approach that is refreshing. But overall, the battle falls a little flat for me. Let me put it this way: If I were mapping the battle out like a seventh-grade paper, there wouldn't be a climax. What can I say? I'm a writer.
The verdict: The coaches agree that while the battle was good, both singers were definitely holding back. So when Shakira chooses Kris, Usher decides to take C. under his wing... but not until he lets him sweat it out first. As C. heads around to hug all the coaches, Usher waits until C. is standing in front of him to hit his button. Apparently, Usher wants C. to remember that feeling. And we thought Christina had a flair for the dramatic.

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