The Voice recap: Two Thumbs Up

Turning more than two chairs proves to be a challenge for contestants as the coaches put the finishing touches on their teams
Ep. 05 | Aired Apr 8, 2013

HE'S GOT IT BAD Jeff Lewis takes on Usher's "You've Got It Bad" with nothing but a guitar and a cute smile.


The story: An 18 year-old from St. Louis, Caroline Glazer has two options: Start a singing career or go back to college at the University of Kansas. And as a graduate of the University of Missouri, I have to say I think she made the right choice by joining The Voice.
The song: Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" is performed with such a small town coffeehouse vibe that it can't help but be charming.
The vocabulary: In the fight for Glazer, Blake draws on the fact that he has dimples (he's pretty sure), while Shakira whips out her genius IQ and calls Caroline's voice "diaphanous." Look that one up in the dictionary, Blake.
The verdict: Despite Shakira's intelligence, Blake wins Caroline over the moment he mentions her writing. If that man doesn't know the way to a woman's heart...

The story: Cameron I-don't-need-a-last-name is a 24-year-old man from Iowa who spends his days working in a residential treatment facility for kids. Back home, he's a self-described "mini-celebrity" among kids ages 7-12. A producer, actor, singer, dancer, entertainer extraordinaire, Cameron hopes to win the crowd over with his red bowtie and his stylish dance moves. Oh, and his voice, too.
The song: Justin Bieber's "As Long As You Love Me" is performed without much originality and with some serious breath-control issues.
The no-no: The judges know Cameron's dancing, and it's highlighting his bad breath control. That's not even mentioning the awkward moment when Adam explains to Shakira that he's dancing (hence the struggles) after he's stopped. Ouch.
The verdict: He's out. Nobody turned around for Cameron, who will still go home a role model for his kids. The good news? Cameron's moves prompted Blake to say "My hips don't lie." So, for that, we thank you Cameron.

The story: 43-year-old Michael Austin is a deputy sheriff whose body might not be able to make it in the force much longer. Luckily, Austin describes himself as half deputy and half singer. With his own band, Austin Law, performing once a month in Las Vegas, Austin knows a little bit about the music scene. At the very least, he knows enough to wear a cowboy hat and a vest that shows off his impressive arm tattoos. If Adam Levine teaches us anything, right?
The song: Keith Urban's "Somebody Like You" is performed with a bit of a country twang and a few pitch problems, but that doesn't stop Shakira and Adam from turning their chairs around.
Whoops: Did anybody else catch that Adam looked like he hit his button only to get Blake to do the same? I don't feel like Adam really wanted this guy on his team.
The verdict: Want him or not, Austin joins Team Adam, whispering "Let's whoop his ass" in Adam's ear, referring, of course, to the big country man in the competition.

NEXT: Another year, another backup singer...

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