The Voice recap: Keep Your Head Up

Sadness, success, and one mispronunciation of Shakira’s name
Ep. 04 | Aired Apr 2, 2013

A LITTLE HELP FROM THE JUDGES Red-headed Brandon Roush spends his free time in a band and his chance on The Voice stage blasting out some Beatles music.

Trae Patton/NBC

Back where the stakes are lower — although not really, because this is the final performance slot of the night and so miracles are promised — Savannah Berry, from Texas and 17, gets ready to perform. Savannah’s been in the spotlight before, having turned a stint as a YouTuber and a presumably definitely winning cover of Sugarland’s “Stuck Like Glue” into a duet with the duo for the ACM Awards.

Off that background, her voice is, obviously, full and powerful on a cover of T-Swift’s “Safe and Sound.” But was I the only one who was put off by her spin on the song’s lullaby hush? She opted instead for a bigger-than cover that never drew back from the end of the stage. You could argue that that sort of thing doesn’t play well on a nationally televised singing competition, to which I would counter, Don’t sing it? But powerful and loud carry the evening, and the latter half of the performance pretty much devours the first half anyway. Savannah even nails the falsetto. Okay, okay — I’ll swap my side-eye for claps.

All the judges save Usher spin around and Blake is just “fascinated” by her voice. Did he mention that he was married to one of Savannah’s musical influences? And did he also mention that he and Miranda were considering adopting and that Savannah is at a very adoptable age? In between all of this buttering-up, Adam and Shakira can hardly make their own cases, though they do try. Shakira reminds us that Adam and Blake have been doing this for three seasons already so they may very well be deaf. She, on the other hand, is both fresh and hungry. Adam even waves his little arms! Bonus points: His “I know you’re new at this, but it’s terrifying how good you are” to Shakira. But it was Blake all along, breaking the broken tradition from last night of country performers not going to the country coach.

In case anyone forgot, Blake won Favorite Male Artist once, from something. The foursome walk off together beneath Daly’s voiceover about the coming (final!) week of blind auditions. They’re totally all friends.

That’s it for this super-speedy episode, and for week two. Are you as high on the judges’ as I am? Did the eliminations feel extra painful or am I just sad? And can we all agree — as I and Melissa do — that last night’s Michelle looks like a more striped version of Top Chef’s Carla?

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