The Voice season finale recap: A Woman's World

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! (And Cher has a new single.)
Ep. 27 | Aired Jun 18, 2013

BORN TO FLY After an unbroken string of coach-acclaimed country performances, 16-year-old Danielle Bradbery sang her way to victory (and a huge trophy).


Up in the Skybox, Christina Milian shares viewers' impressions of the coaches. More importantly, did you notice her phone?  Most importantly, did you see Danielle's face when Blake told her that she'll be performing with Hunter Hayes? It moved -- her face moved.

Least important is a whole video dedicated to Adam and Blake's bromance, a phrase which here is used to allow for more puns of affectionate language-slash-hold a beat before more performances. It is a whole thing: Adam and Blake's first meeting; Adam and Blake's greatest moments. Adam and Blake; Blake and Adam. Adam on Blake; Blake on Adam. It's a whole thing. It is a whole thing. And guess what? They're not really not bros any more.

Michelle steps up for her famous person duet, this time with One Republic on "Counting Stars." The beginning is rough -- Michelle is dialing it up too much. But then, in a watch-me-now turn, the band dials up with her and everyone squat-stomps along (yay!) while video screens play footage of animated animals running and flying and Adam crawls into Blake's lap.

What kind of comedic video does Usher get? The kind that lets Blake make jokes about his coaching techniques and probably buy two Shake Weights. The Swons bring good humor to their thinly-sketched bits. Corollary: The Swons have been bringing it this week, no?

More famous people, sans non-famous people: Florida Georgia Line shows up to sing "Cruise," whose opening bar is some kind of high-octane summery sorcery and which most country fans have probably already told you was a big deal last year before Nelly hopped on-board the remix because sometimes Nelly goes to Nashville. The F/G guys bop around more than I was expecting, like Michelle before Usher made her sing into that mirror.

Up in the Skybox for the final time (sigh), Christina has gathered our Top 3 (yes, ugh, they're referring to The Swons as one person now) for some final thoughts about how much they all love each other and they do, they all love each other. Michelle says she's been inspired to be both a better singer and a better person, which is sweet, and Danielle says that they're like her big brothers/sister, which is extra-e sweet.

Back from the struggles of their solo performances, Kris, Vedo, Josiah, and Garrett reunite for "Ain't Too Proud To Beg," and their performance effectively does three things: 1) Injects some much-needed, much credible R&B coolness into The Voice's later-season arc; 2) Makes spinning on cue cool; and 3) Makes fedoras cooler.

Also: Holly plays the saxophone, which we learned in a reveal so immediate that it felt ridiculous. But no, Holly can play the saxophone, bangs and all. I'm not saying she should replace Clarence Clemons, but I'd throw her a few bucks in the subway. Surprises, remember?

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