The Voice recap: Letting Loose

The Top 10 let their hair down and deliver the fun, unexpected performances we've been waiting for
Ep. 18 | Aired May 20, 2013

FEELIN' IT Team Adam's Judith Hill celebrates her late mentor Michael Jackson with a soulful performance of his hit "The Way You Make Me Feel."


The song: "Adorn" by Miguel
The performance: Handing out another current radio hit, Shakira hopes to see Kris get his sexy on with this Miguel song. But despite CeeLo's best efforts, I can't seem to find Kris' swag. I think it might be one of his best vocal performances, but it gets lost in all the uncomfortable happenings of Kris Thomas attempting to be sexy.
The feedback: Adam and Usher agree that Kris' voice is incredible, but they could see him thinking during that performance, and that is what really kept him from being sexy. Shakira comes to Kris' defense and wants the boys to give him a break for being nervous. Usher tries to say that nervousness is not what he's talking about, but they have awakened the beast! Shakira finishes giving her love to Kris while Adam and Usher literally hide behind their chairs from the fiery Latina.

The song: "Mama Knows Best" by Jesise J
The performance: The former lead singer of a screamo band, Sarah is sending this song to all the jerks who didn't treat her right in relationships. The result is a performance so full of cool, sexy, rocker-chic everything that the coaches can't even stand it. Watching Adam watch Sarah has become my favorite part of this season. It's as if he's trying to decipher how she does what she does, and he never quite gets it. My other favorite part of this season? Listening to her move from rasp to falsetto back to rasp (and through minor keys) without taking a breath. This girl makes what she does look easy (and fun).
The feedback: While Adam freaks out, Blake spends the next few minutes screaming about how sexy that performance was. He thinks Sarah has turned a corner. This girl's a rocker. And as Usher puts it, "If you got it, you got it." Adam, still fanning himself, thinks Sarah just gave the performance of the night. "Sexy!" yells Blake.

The song: "Just Give Me A Reason" by P!nk
The performance: After Pharell commends Michelle as one of those "genius monster singers" with a long career ahead of her, she hits the stage in her elastic(?) pants to sing yet another P!nk song. I would complain about the fact that she's already done P!nk, but it just sounds too good. I feel like I still can't hear everything that I want to hear in terms of her voice tonight, but it's no secret that Michelle makes her team proud with this performance.
The feedback: Adam is a fan, and Blake loves how dramatic Michelle is (plus he envies her squatting abilities). Usher tries to make the argument that that is the performance of the night because there's "nothing on the stage but you." I love Michelle, but what did he just say?

That's it! Here's to hoping everybody leaves their hair down (literally for Shakira) and keeps us on the edge of our seats for the rest of the season, because that was downright fun! So who wins your vote for performance of the night? What about sexiest performance of the night? And, of course, who's in danger of going home this week? Sound off in the comments!

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