The Voice recap: Out of the Fire

Tonight: Two so-not-surprising eliminations and the power of air conditioning
Ep. 17 | Aired May 14, 2013

THE BEST MAN Kris Thomas improved his chances with a solid live performance this week, saving him from the elimination that befell two of his fellows.


At the firing line, Carson asks Michelle about her not quite fitting in, as well as her continued ability to succeed in a mainstream singing competition dependent on currying favor with very-very many people. She's just thankful for the incredible opportunity and for being appreciated.

America saves: Judith Hill and Danielle Bradberry

That means it's time for another musical break: Adam and his ladies do a cover of "Love Song," which, like, really? You can close your eyes and pretend that Idol isn't a thing but then you really shouldn't invite comparisons between one of its season-best performances and whatever happens when people sit on rugged risers and sing about their feelings. It's a boho-awkward performance that neither allows the singers to stand out nor does anything with the song's skeleton. It's just different. But different-bad.

America saves: Michelle Chamuel and Amber Carrington

How cute was it, seeing Michelle and Vedo huddle together? And how angry, or fey-angry, was Blake preparing to be about Adam's arm pump before he realized the cameras weren't going to cut to him because there were only minutes left?

But one last thing from Carson: Hey Garrett, can you tell us a bit more about what it means to make it to the Top 12 this year since you were eliminated last season? The secret word is "trying." (Happy birthday, Garrett's dad!)

America saves: Holly Tucker and Sasha Allen

And with only seconds to spare, we learn that...

America eliminates: Vedo and Garrett Gardner

Even midway through the season, it's clear that The Voice will be run by the women. They are all the strongest performers, personalities, and singers. And last night was a step up from mediocre for remaining male contestants Kris, Josiah, and the Swons. All that said: Vedo(/Garrett) aren't bad and Tops 11/12 are usually reserved for bad performers. I hope one of them grabbed Robin Thicke's sunglasses.

Were you sad to see either of them go? And are you excited for the return of Cee-Lo? (Do we really think Joel Madden is in Australia?)

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