The Voice recap: Gone In 60 Seconds

In the first live results show of the season, decisions come down to the wire as the coaches pick the Top 12
Ep. 15 | Aired May 8, 2013

SISTERHOOD Team Adam's Caroline Glaser, Sarah Simmons, Judith Hill and Amber Carrington perform "Don't You Worry Child" with Team Usher.

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And now, it's results time for Team Usher, baby!

America saved: Michelle Chamuel
America also saved: Vedo!
Josiah Hawley vs. Cathia. Usher saves: Usher says he didn't see this coming, but we've heard that before. And after the typical this-is-the-start-of-your-career speech, Usher saves Josiah, sending Cathia home. I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by this decision. I got your back on this one, Usher. But Cathia doesn't let the decision get her down. She gives a moving speech, telling all 19-year-olds to chase their dreams. I'm glad that she considers herself to be an inspiration, but I can't shake the feeling that she's a little fake. Am I being too judgy? You'd tell me, right? Okay, good.

On another note, Josiah and Michelle holding hands as they walk offstage might be the cutest thing I've ever seen. Ever.

And finally, I can start hyperventilating as the clock winds down on Team Adam...

America saved: Judith Hill
America also saved: Amber Carrington
Sarah Simmons vs. Caroline Glaser. Adam saves: Adam reinforces the fact that he loves them all and thinks music is more important than a game and that no matter what, even he won't support his own decision. And this is where I die. With "less than a minute" until the show goes off the air, Adam jokes about holding back the "news or whatever," but Carson is serious — WE HAVE LESS THAN A MINUTE. After another three seconds of stuttering, Adam blurts out the name I've been waiting to hear: Sarah! Sadly, that means Caroline and her cool sound (and amazing complexion) are leaving. However, did you guys really think Adam could let go of his spirit animal so soon? He does do yoga after all, which means he's very connected with his spirit. I'll stop now.

Carson quickly reminds viewers that next week "it goes down" when the Top 12 take the stage. But let's talk about the important stuff: Do you think America/the coaches made the right choices? Is anyone else really bummed Karina is gone? And how much longer until this competition is all women? Also, what did you think of Cee Lo's new song? Did you like the way the camera operator cut over to Usher during the performance? Are you Team Usher or Team Cee Lo? Did Josiah lighten his hair? And where can I get the women's versions of his many colored blazers from tonight's episode?

That's it for now. I'll catch you guys next Monday when I'll probably talk about Sarah too much while simultaneously being blown away by Amber and Danielle's vocals.

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