The Voice recap: Gone In 60 Seconds

In the first live results show of the season, decisions come down to the wire as the coaches pick the Top 12
Ep. 15 | Aired May 8, 2013

SISTERHOOD Team Adam's Caroline Glaser, Sarah Simmons, Judith Hill and Amber Carrington perform "Don't You Worry Child" with Team Usher.

Tyler Golden/NBC

And, because The Voice likes to drive me wild, it's now time for another guest performance before any more results are revealed on this results show. Luckily, the next performer is the owner of the cat with more Twitter followers than the average human, according to Carson. Cee Lo is back, guys! And he's brought his season two finalist Juliet Simms with him. The two of them perform Cee Lo's latest, "Only You," and I'm not going to lie, this song is my jam. I think they both sound great, and I can't help but realize how much I have missed Cee Lo's one-colored outfits and his pearly whites. After the performance, the coaches give their second standing ovation of the night, followed by Carson attacking poor tiny Cee Lo with a bear hug (he clearly watched the country boys hug it out earlier). It's good to be home, right Cee Lo?

Also, does anyone else think Carson's "this is your home and you know that" is a planted line from NBC? Regardless, it's time to get back to business!

America saved: Sasha Allen
America also saved: Kris Thomas
Garrett Gardner vs. Karina Iglesias. Shakira saves: Poor Shakira looks like she's either going to cry or vomit or both. And the woman's muy caliente, but that's not a good look on anyone. After not sleeping last night and even putting her team's names in a bag and asking for God's help, Shakira still isn't sure of what to do. But by basing her decision on which singer she thinks she can help and continue to improve, Shakira saves Garrett and sends Karina home. Karina leaving the show just feels wrong to me at this point, especially after she thanks Shakira for the opportunity in Spanish. Do you all agree with Shaky's decision?

Well, you don't have long to think about it, because Team Usher and Team Adam are taking the stage together, singing "Don't You Worry Child" by Swedish House Mafia. Other than the one time Josiah runs into Michelle onstage, things go smoothly. The performance isn't anything amazing, but it's entertaining. However, I think the difference in vocal ability between the teams is obvious, though neither team blows me away. Perhaps the song choice is off?

NEXT: The results are in for Team Usher and Team Adam

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