The Voice recap: Oh! Darlings

The second night of live rounds has little greatness but much less worseness
Ep. 14 | Aired May 7, 2013

FLOATIN' ON THE BREEZE The Swon Brothers made good fun of their goofy song choice in a night dominated by middle-of-the-brow country songs.

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The song: "Maybe It Was Memphis"

The performance: Blake wants Danielle to bring the '90s song to a new generation -- though he sets her up to do the opposite with an arrangement that is mid-tempo, mid-range country-cheese: full of itself but little nutrition. The keyboard is straight out of Billy Joel and Danielle sounds like she crawled out of Trisha Yearwood's mouth. Did I mention that I like "Maybe It Was Memphis"? She does it justice. She also sounds like she's from another decade (her vocal maturity working against her?) and not the other way around.

The feedback: Usher likes her cool pants. (Cool pants, Danielle!) And Shakira quotes Blake with a "holy crap." Adam is afraid the moment has arrived when she is now a singer to beat and Blake goes absolutely bananas with the superlatives.

The song: "Oh! Darling"

The performance: Shakira makes sure to match Sasha with a song equal to her incredible voice while still encouraging her to reveal more personality. Also, she encourages: Do something crazy with your voice. Sasha does while also swapping out her usual soulful syrup for a slinkier, sexier rhythm. Watch those hips. The song comes to life at a mid-point, though the band -- which was hiding in darkness -- doesn't ever, quite. And then that craziness: just as Shakira asks, Sasha flexes a new vocal muscle as the music drops out for one -- one -- beat.

The feedback: Adam thinks she's "so amazing" and Blake starts to laugh because, remember, Adam gave her up. And then he says that everyone who saw Sasha just fell in love and Usher and Shakira both think she is so-so great. Blake doesn't stop laughing.

Aaand that's it for the first week of live performances. Last night was spectacular, right? Who are you most worried about? (XOXO, Caroline.) Next up: a special Wednesday-only episode -- and Rod Stewart!

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