The Voice recap: Stripped Down

Team Adam outshines Team Usher in the first round of the live playoffs
Ep. 13 | Aired May 6, 2013

VOICE OF AN ANGEL Team Adam's Sarah Simmons has a breakout performance with Sarah McLachlan's "Angel."

Trae Patton/NBC

The song: "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder
The performance: I think this performance is a lot of fun, but I was hoping for a little less band and a little more vocals. However, watching Adam being "cool" next to Usher being "cool" is both enlightening and entertaining.
The feedback: Not as strong as it could be, but worth a watch.

The song: "The A Team" by Ed Sheeran
The performance: Caroline hits the stage as a girl with her guitar and some light bulbs and without her adorable glasses. The result is a simple performance that is definitely "stripped-down" but only manages to take me back to last year's Melanie. How much further can Caroline go?
The feedback: Blake doesn't know the song, but feels like he's back in a coffeehouse (insert second Starbucks plug!) with Caroline. Usher thinks Caroline is very controlled and believes America will vote for her. Some debate about Caroline's dimples follows before Adam can express that he loves her unique sound. We've heard that before...

The song: "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins
The performance: Having never heard of Phil Collins before, Vedo is at an immediate disadvantage with this big song. And after not quite getting the lyrics right, Vedo falls a little short with his one-man-and-one-mic rendition of the anthem.
The feedback: Shakira and Adam both make jokes to get around actually having to critique Vedo, but Usher assures Vedo that despite it being a "bit of a hill" for him, he's very proud of his performance.

Interjection: Christina Milian is Team Usher, guys! But only because they give her free sweats... Now to the next group performance!

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