The Voice recap: Stripped Down

Team Adam outshines Team Usher in the first round of the live playoffs
Ep. 13 | Aired May 6, 2013

VOICE OF AN ANGEL Team Adam's Sarah Simmons has a breakout performance with Sarah McLachlan's "Angel."

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The song: "Starlight" by Muse
The performance: With a full band behind him (so much for stripped-down, huh?) and a mostly-for-looks guitar in hand, Josiah sings to what seems like the full extent of his range with this Muse hit, but does better than I expected when I originally heard the song choice.
The feedback: Shakira likes that she is getting to see the real Josiah, and Adam says he did "great," but is more focused on complimenting Usher's coaching ability. Blake, on the other hand, doesn't know crap about rock and roll but thinks Josiah's performance is "haunting" and "energetic." However, if the world loses a male model over this, Blake is willing to step in. *wipes forehead* All in all, Usher is a proud coach, and would like for all his contestants to understand one thing: Listen to him and you will win. P.S. Does Josiah look like a very skinny, very attractive Johnny Bravo to anyone else?

The song: "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan
The performance: Sarah takes on one of Adam's Voice favorites and her personal go-to song in a truly touching performance. First and foremost, I think it's important to point out that Adam and Sarah are spirit animals, and I love it. You know what else I love? Everything about Sarah's voice and the fact that she makes Adam cry. I would like more grit next week, though. Perhaps Adam will recycle another song and give her a little Grace Potter? Please?!
The feedback: Blake thinks Sarah is angelic and informs his team members to "do that" tomorrow night. Usher says Sarah is incredible and mentions some "little things" that I don't think he could pinpoint, and Shakira starts mumbling in Spanish she's so amazed. Adam comments on the stillness of the room and says Sarah is one of the "most incredible singers to listen to I've ever heard in my life."

The song: "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston
The performance: Despite Usher waltzing Cathia around rehearsals or the gorgeous dress she's wearing — someone please tell me where I've seen this before, which Kardashian? — Cathia simply can't live up to the vocals of Houston, which is nothing to be ashamed of. Her constant eyebrow movements? Now that's something I would fix.
The feedback: Shakira calls Usher out on the poor song choice, and Usher turns the blame to Cathia a little bit, saying that her performance wasn't incredible but she's still an amazing performer. This got awkward real fast.

Quick break: Christina Milian wants to teach us something new (via social media!): The girls of Team Adam are like sisters! Yay! Now it's time for a coaches performance...

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